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U.S. Supreme Court throws out rulings upholding gun restrictions

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  1. Actually "decent" police work go figure. Idk about the part where he shot blindly into an olive garden parking lot but the rest seemed fine.

  2. Yeah, that means it wasn’t decent police work. Fucking egregious use of a firearm. The fact he didn’t kill innocent people is incredibly lucky. Dudes got no business being a cop.

  3. Okay well look i have american standards so decent is relative

  4. I live two hours from Orlando. That was a fucked up calculation by the cop. And to anyone that’s going to downvote do it all you want. You just don’t unload a clip into a public dwelling like that. Fucking blasted out windows on cars and a restaurant. Yeah, yeah I get the suspect shot at him but JFC that was reckless.

  5. I see two idiots in cars. Lane changing at intersection no bueno amigo. But other guy was definitely out of control afterward.

  6. Truth. Traditional Greek Salad is called “Horiatiki”. It contains no lettuce but rather generous chunks of Feta, tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, onion, fresh oregano, EVOO, red wine vinegar and fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

  7. I would clarify further that Horiatiki Salata means village salad, just like Horiatiko Psomi is village bread, so the Americans ITT don’t confuse Greek restaurants with their orders.

  8. Correct you are. Now I’m going to call my mom and ask her to make Horiatiko Psomi. It’s the best for dunking in the salad.

  9. Got any more pixels for your repost?

  10. If you ask any of them to explain how the president controls gas prices they all respond with “keystone pipeline.” I can’t anymore with these idiots.

  11. Same here. I always pictured a happy little piggy pushing a grocery cart shopping for his family. I’m devastated now.

  12. I have dual citizenship (Canada/US). I’ve had a contingency plan in place since 2016.

  13. We know how fundamentally different, ie better, women’s lives are, when they have access to contraception and safe, free abortions. In the same way that women shouldn’t have to “pay the price” for sexual pleasure, nor should men. But the problem is, women don’t currently have this freedom. There are many societal and legal factors which mean that women are still forced to have children when they don’t want to. Until women truly have that freedom, allowing men ‘paper abortions’ would just give them a way to cop out of their responsibilities, putting the burden of child-rearing, and the mental load of contraception, on women. Aside from the fact that many countries and US states make it illegal or extremely difficult to access abortion services, there are also moral or societal obstacles for many women. Sure, it is a medical procedure, and for some, it is no big deal, but for others it is, and they have a right to not be forced to do something they see as “wrong.” Growing up in a society where the question of abortion is fraught, where protestors stand outside of clinics and call you a murderer, where the media continue to refer to anti-abortion activists as “pro-life”, you cannot exactly say that women are free to opt-out of motherhood. And now with the overturning of RoevWade things are about to get much worse for women.


  15. I wasn’t aware of that, will give it a detailed read when I’m not on a phone. Thanks for sharing that and not just insulting me and assuming I’m a bible-thumping misogynist.

  16. Which reminds me, it’s also nice to see Brazil isn’t the only place with consistent projection from the far right. Thank you for that.

  17. I don’t think irony means what you think it means. Self owning? Indeed. Don’t worry, this sub is filled with scumbags just like you. They’ll upvote your drivel and downvote any dissent to keep you confident in your ignorance. It’s funny and pathetic all at once.

  18. "Good news" is tricky. Basically any outlet has its bias, in or out of Tor, you should then check the same news on differently biased outlets and figure the truth in between.

  19. If you’re looking for “good” news sources then likely you’re looking for anything that aligns with your personal beliefs and political biases (confirmation bias and combined with cognitive dissonance) which makes it anything but good. Look for sources that provide provable facts and bring citations even if it hurts your feelings. Then you’re on the right track.

  20. If she cut back on the clown costume accessories her kids could eat lobster everyday.

  21. But she did her “research.” What could’ve possibly gone wrong?

  22. He found out the oil came from Russia and did a Joe Biden. Later that night he filled his tank with fuel from Saudi Arabia the country that killed 500,000 people when they attacked Yemen unprovoked in 2015.

  23. I love that Joe Biden continues to live rent free in the minds of nitwits.

  24. Trump would just sit his fat ass on it and initiate it into his cult of morons.

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