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  1. Sniper for me, then the starting colonist get the charge rifle

  2. No, mám kamaráda, co za ano kandiduje v jednom městě. Před 4 rokama byl na kandidátce na 2x. místě, letos 7.

  3. I have a special freezer, just with small area for rats.

  4. Nevíš kontext, nevíš, jestli má Kaufland limity.... Ženská mu tyká, řve na něj, ačkoliv sama říká, že vzít si to může, prostě normální nerasistka.

  5. Zatímco ty si tam byl a vsechno viděl. Vidí 2 různé rasy tak už křičí rasismus.

  6. Tak vidím video. To celkem stačí. Češi rádi používají Vietnamce jako výkladní skříň svého nerasismu, že.

  7. Tak dle videa které si viděl/a, tam křičí první tady asijský pán. Co tomu předcházelo nikdo neví. Je tedy rasista on? Tady nejsi v Americe aby sis všechno onalepkovala rasismem. + zrovna s Asijci Češi problémy moc nemají,jestli to nebude tím že celá jejich komunita pracuje, a za vše řádně platí.

  8. You must server swap until u find server that is working. Sucks but these thing now are plenty so thats the way it is

  9. Well more like game issue. Idk surely, but after like 2-3 server hops and game restarts i join server which is loading to me.

  10. As it is, i dont save any item on ship until they repair it.

  11. I play on classic difficulty , try launch ship without mods. If there was not this bug i would already doing trophy for finishing on hard.

  12. Bruh, at least once a month i consume those 2,5L Jars in one day 😂😂😂

  13. Just the healthcare system in Amurica make it much worse than europe. Also i dont think ani amaricans are comparing USA with United Kidngoms because there it sucks too( as you stated in your post)

  14. Classic Karin futo, was my first car which i modded ( paintjob etc)

  15. I went back to mod the classic Futo and is it just me or did there used to be more options?

  16. Didnt take it to LSCustoms to long so not sure, but i think there was not much options on it even before

  17. America is a fuckin joke, you tiipped just 10% and not 20% fuck you. Tipps must be earned by good service, dont think you will get anything more for nothing.

  18. Then please stay home. It's not like we want y'all here.

  19. I will not stay home but be sure amurica is very deep down in my travel list. Country of freedom, but only if you rich😂

  20. Not sure what you talkin about, caravans with bug? Ok so you lose progress of 1 or 2 ingame days. Did this many times with commited mode and always reloaded back in game( its making saves depending how often you set it up in settings.)Skills dont level properly? Im pretty sure that the purpose, with harder dificulty the learning is slower. Quest issue- idk what is problem, did many quests and only problem was that i was having fog even after i destroyed weather control station( dissapered with another quest in 2 ingame months) Not sure if i get you right but as my solo traveler which survived 7 years there says its running good. But mby i just dont see it same as you.

  21. I've formed a caravan for a quest > traveled to the quest > game repeatedly crashes when trying to 'Zoom in' on the new tile, after generation.

  22. Yo where i can mark milestones to log book, completly missed it

  23. Assuming PC (I don't know the xbox binds):

  24. Tell us cause I had 100 chickens lol

  25. I just kill them all and let the egg hatch. Cycle go again. ( check that those eggs are in warm) Also at my actuall game i have ducks which i release in winter and i have a happy chtismas duck hunt event for my colonists😂😂😂😂

  26. Its in healthoptions of that animal. When you in info go for health and with Triangle(y on xbox) you set up operations like with humans, there is your neuter option😇

  27. So u want the bonus but you dont want to meet griefers.😂😂😂😂

  28. Záleží, můžeš to zkusit a uvidím jestli budu moct odpovědět

  29. How do you think alliance servers start? Joining a friend is already a possibility and takes likes 15 minutes or so of work and it’s extremely easy to do. It’s already a very repeatable possibility in this game, why it isn’t a feature is unknown to me.

  30. Because that not suppose way to play. But i would lose my time here with you discusing. Use your common sense and think about it :D why the will not let u freely join friend with another boat and you must take your luck.

  31. There are alliance server discords that Rare takes part in and knows about. They are fully aware of alliance servers but just dont want it to be easy. Use YOUR common sense to know all you've done here is embarrass yourself.

  32. Yea donkey, if it would be free to do, every galleon( group of 4) would split on 2 sloops everytime. Because why not. If you still want to be able join friend with your ship to be more powerfull, mby u the loser on the sea( and still without common sense) Yeah these discord exist, but not bcs rare made them( comunity is living their life). If you want your pve alliance, you glad to enjoy trying to join. But dont make it easy option from menu bcs u just loser on sea

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