AITA for banning alcohol from Christmas.

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  1. Was just thinking it had been a month or two since someone at 10TV jumped ship.

  2. Been a lot of in and out since the station changed hands

  3. 161 near Karl Rd and the one on E 5th Ave and 71 are only 2 I know they are still 24/7. Lines are crazy long tho after 10 and 11

  4. Ashlee Baracy shared a post a few weeks ago of another meteorologist saying she’s coming to 10tv at the end of this month. Her name is Madison Ryke.

  5. Rogue fitness is in Columbus .... Have you check in with them for possible leads?

  6. Haven’t checked them out in while. Last time I checked all they had was hourly production jobs. I’ll give them a look again. Thanks.

  7. 270 S to 70 E on the East Side. Pretty have to cut people coming from 70 W to 270 S off to get in that weave lane. Stupid concept.

  8. Couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve came close to an accident at the intersection lmao

  9. I’ve been wondering if there’s some tension with the morning crew for a while.. specifically I started to notice that Tracy Townsend was giving a lot of side eye whenever Jeff started to speak! And then when Ross was on it was like she was so relieved. Im sure there’s so much we don’t know

  10. I remember a week or two ago they did a story on fried chicken during the noon show with Tracy and Jeff. Jeff said something about “hot sauce and chicken” and she gave the evil side eye as if she wanted to say “no this mf didn’t” 😅

  11. I wonder if the old traffic anchor Brittany Begley is gonna come back to do weather.

  12. He still posts on social media for 10tv. Him, Ashlee and Ross all have been working crazy schedules since Mackenzie Bart left for Cleveland. Probably gonna be like that until they find her replacement.

  13. I’ll give it a week before Ginther drops a mandate.

  14. Of course, it won’t affect him . It’s not like he’s productive and takes care of himself so not going anywhere is right up his alley

  15. Yeah I think a mandate would just sink his re-election bid for next year and that’s only if someone worth a damn run against him. But who knows we shall see lmao

  16. Trust me… NO ONE wants to see that 😅

  17. Is there anything you can pinch in your budget? We basically ate chicken and rice for months to save for our house lol. It didn’t seem like a lot but man, we were spending hundreds a week bc of groceries, eating out and alcohol.

  18. We’re already shopping at Aldi which has been a major plus financially with groceries. We’ve basically cut out all take out and alcohol. We’ve already cut out all streaming services that aren’t utilized frequently. It’s just we’re behind on bills and with me being the only working person isn’t enough to keep things paid in a timely manner without getting calls or threats about late payments

  19. How many people do you have for the dinner?

  20. I’m interested. Could you please post the link?

  21. Same here. Tried to get stuff delivered to my job in clintonville

  22. If you got into a workplace altercation, that’s plenty of a reason to be fired. In GA you can be fired for much less or nothing at all anyway. If you’ve filed a police report, all that’s left is to file for unemployment. You can also try and sue your ex coworker

  23. Same thing happened to a buddy of mine. We’re in Ohio, which is also an “at-will” state, and she had got an attorney and sue her ex coworker for lost wages and medical bills following a police report.

  24. Can you elaborate? I have a friend who's been there about 5 years and he was racing about pay and benefits in their cylinder plant.

  25. It’s more so ethical than pay and stuff. Worked my ass off 5.5 years there and kept getting passed up for advancement for guys with less time and we clearly incompetent af.

  26. Ohio wants to be Texas and Florida so bad

  27. There’s a Dunkin going in at 161 & 62 as well in New Albany, next to Sheetz

  28. Probably trying to keep up with Starbucks. There’s at least 3 or 4 on Hamilton road alone if you include the ones inside Kroger and Target

  29. literally two of them are already on Hamilton. Do the folks up that way like Dunkin more than those of us this way or something??

  30. Only time I see it busy at Dunkin’ is in the morning. After that they’re both dead, compared to Starbucks which is always busy and there are 3 within a 1-2 miles of each other on Hamilton. 2 of them are within walking distance lol

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