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  1. alright, ima make some assumptions about the event based off of this clip:

  2. I feel like there just having a staring contest while AMIE plays Loonboon on loop in the background

  3. bum ba dum ba dum ba dum ba dum dummmm, ba dum ba dum ba dum du dummmm

  4. Paradigm having a fully developed plan but being ignored by most people and giving Jonesy all the credit

  5. i wonder if that would be the Reddit Island that failed

  6. Ralsei isnt evil, Toby is a better writer than that.

  7. not consuming alcohol cuz the taste sucks, drugs are just a no-go in general and Sex, while good can be replaced. So yeah, im taking it.

  8. murder the entire fauna of a planet youve already been to just to escape the moon.

  9. I beat Asriel Dreemurr first phase and Spamton Neo first try

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