1. this!! i HATE seeing videos or hauls titled TIKTOK MADE ME BUY THIS, like no! you impulsively purchased items bc of hype on social media that you’re most likely not going to use after posting about it.

  2. Also all these video's of people doing enormous hauls on some website that sells literal plastic garbage, just to show how bad it is? Like why are you giving them money, please stop.

  3. You’re the ugliest girl i ever saw in my life… stop posting negative comments on others posts, if you start posting negative comments then you’ll get ur karma, get a life ugly girl from inside out.

  4. so you messaged me from your second account after i said that a corset + high heels isn’t streetwear and that shein is an unethically corrupt brand? okay. it’s clear what i said really bothered you but doesn’t excuse you being hateful on my appearance. you just sound bitter and bothered.

  5. i’m not sure what the art style is called but if you search that image on pinterest you can find similar works!

  6. wow that’s amazing! it looks like watercolour since it’s blended so well! you should consider laminating it to protect it from future damage!:)

  7. you can also get twisted visions, which isn’t a story but just a compilation of his artworks, most of which are coloured

  8. hey! you’re still 20 and you have your whole life ahead of you! people meet their forever friends way past your age! i understand you’ve tried everything already and that’s all that matters, jus continue to keep trying and don’t let the disappointment stop you from that. i am so certain you will be somebody’s best friend one day and you’ll remember writing this post and think how glad you are that you didn’t give up! good luck OP!

  9. 10/10 satisfactory ending, beautiful storytelling, i loved the printing of the evidence, i loved the discretion of you leaving, the telling her parents, her crying saying it was a misunderstanding…ugh i’m proud of you!!! truly a riveting ride reading this.

  10. Best thing for you to do at that point is to get full custody of the kids and get a divorce

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