1. What you want to do is set the dock to auto hide, then use terminal to change is appearance/disappearance time to instant.

  2. I can confirm that is the correct command. I found it about a week ago as well and it's made having the dock on auto hide a better experience.

  3. Sounds like Bluetooth is crashing and only re-initializing after a hard rest. I had a similar issue with Bluetooth on PopOS, but it was a little different. It wouldn’t re-initialize after waking from sleep and I had to do a hard reboot (not just shutdown or restart) to get it working again.

  4. Just to be sure, did you install the Apple Silicone version of LibreOffice and not the Intel version?

  5. Would this be the library folder with the little red stop sign that days I don't have permission to access it?

  6. Ok i did what you just said and that worked, thanks. So everything in the caches folder can go?

  7. You can use a keyfile on a usb drive (or someplace else) to unlock luks without a password.

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