My wife and I met a year ago, and just got married. We're both 19 :) (OC)

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  1. Hey, my parents have been unhappily married for over 40 years!

  2. “Im Irish, I can live with something being wrong for the rest of my life”

  3. They’re too young to drink at their wedding. They’re too young to rent a car on their honeymoon. But they’re old enough to get married?

  4. “I wrote a screenplay in 1981, you may have heard of it. It won best picture at the Oscars”

  5. One of my attendings worked with Dr Oz in residency and said “he was hands down the best surgeon I’d ever met. Also a complete piece of shit, but still the best surgeon I know”

  6. Heard similar things from people who knew him but people always call bullshit when I say it lol

  7. Packs his motor in his lunch box and only leaves the facility for away games.

  8. If you get hit in the head hard enough to lose consciousness for more than a handful of seconds, there's like a 1 in 6 chance you never wake up. And even if you do wake up, you're not just going to be groggy for a minute then go about your day.

  9. Not really as much anymore. CRNA yeah but NP not as much cuz of over saturation. Crna pay is great but I think you have to be a bedside nurse first which is a very grueling job

  10. Travel nursing is more lucrative now. Plenty of NPs have told me they wish they dropped out of Np school and did travel nursing instead

  11. "With a lot of blacks, there’s quite a bit of resentment along with their dissent and rightfully so,” he told the publication. “But we can’t all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadership of the blacks.”

  12. How fucking stupid and desperate must you be to allow a random chick to blow you during a heist????

  13. UIC Peoria gives free food to all residents, that’s really the only one I’m aware of. Unsure on quality of it though

  14. So you’re perfectly fine with Notre Dame getting in there and being embarrassed? At least it would be kind of interesting if Kent state was in there just so they could say they got an opportunity. Do you really want to see Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and either Clemson or Oklahoma in there every single year?

  15. ND should never make it unless they beat a few P5 conference winners by an avg of 30 ppg

  16. Yeah you don't get a 15 point increase from a study book (on a test thats out of 40) in a couple months.

  17. If you got a 20 with a 4.0 GPA you either had a horrible day/test anxiety or probably shouldn’t have a 4.0 lol. We are heading towards an education system without any objective measures and the application process is going to be a total clusterfuck

  18. As a teacher that has taught in two very different school districts, there are some schools where a 4.0 would be easy to obtain simply by turning in all of your work on time. Others that would most definitely not be enough. The expectations from one school to the next are not even remotely equal.

  19. No. It's not sustainable. Most 155lbs who take fighting seriously will stay around 170-180 lbs during non fighting periods. Pro fights have said the issue with ballooning up to 200 plus pounds is that when you start training camp for next fight, you spend most of the time trying to get weight down instead of building up actual fighting skills..

  20. Most 155ers are 175 in the cage. Ballooning up to 200 pounds isn’t ideal but you really need to get down to 180 for a water cut not any lower

  21. Pretty common in the fight game. Especially with younger fighters. Some guys will cut 10-15 pounds within 48 hours of a fight

  22. Most people cut 20 pounds in the final 24 hours so he’s really only gained 10 pounds

  23. i try to get up early and get stuff done before rotation but its so hard lol currently we are off season so its about 2 hours, 3 days a week right now. when the season rolls around im going to try to make it to as much as possible and they know i gotta study. there is another coach too and he doesn't mind running stuff

  24. This wrestling season is going to be hilarious when kids are getting monkey pox instead of the usual ringworm, impetigo, molluscum combo lol

  25. highschool wrestling coach currently during 3rd year

  26. Thank you! I know how to suture and tie knots but any other practical skills that they asked if you? I think my biggest issue would be getting to understand the computer system the hospital uses and getting access to it

  27. Working the lap camera can be surprisingly difficult especially if you come from a DaVinci heavy school. Make sure you practice your knot tying and suturing but your attitude is more important. If you’re a hardworking friendly student you will do well.

  28. Thank you, I try to be very polite and read up on cases, but I never feel like I’m reading the surgeon right so I always get afraid they don’t like me 😅😅

  29. She’s explaining why there were no main characters that were black, and it’s because the two writers supposedly based it off of their own lives they had. If anybody read the article they’d understand what she meant

  30. So they had massive beautiful New York apartments in their 20s without crazy jobs?

  31. What's at issue here -- and often in this subreddit -- is concern, misplaced or not, about people who are not physicians being mistaken for physicians, or people who are not physicians portraying themselves as physicians. That seems to be exactly what you're doing, even as you lob criticism at nameless/faceless NPs and PAs.

  32. I’m with the Asian parents on this one residency is a LONG time to be making minimum wage get through as young as you can

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