1. Leave her, it will be better for your mental health. Gain custody legally, show your daughter that you love her, try to make things right.

  2. As you said, she picked you. I think she does not care about the size.

  3. This person could totally have seen their dog further down the road and got their phone to record.

  4. Last year, I was in a relationship in which I did not realize I was not really happy. I could go without sex for weeks, while I still enjoyed solo time.

  5. As a woman, I think the least harmful way to do this would be to tell her that you had a change of heart and really don’t think you’re ready for this type of relationship (since you’ve talked about sex already) and you don’t want to hurt her by wasting her time.

  6. OP, I was in your situation. Not exactly, because he cheated physically, and I decided to stay because I was content with the life we had. We even lived together for about 2 years after that. Everything was going well, but I just knew. I could not move on. I forgave him, but I could not forget. I mustered the courage to leave, even though I still loved him. I am now, so happy, with a new man who treats me right and who would never cheat.

  7. You should have hired a P.I!! She will start acting weird again in time. If she does those things again don't confront her, just hire a P.I or just drop by her work when you know she should leave.

  8. Don’t say anything and start investigating. If he is cheating and knows you’re suspecting something, he might hide proof.

  9. I have been sexually active for 6 years and I am currently in a relationship with the best sexual partner I ever had.

  10. They have « a thing for each other ». I think that goes beyond « just chatting »

  11. Monogamy is simply not for people who only value their own well-being.

  12. I have been in your situation. I forgave him after having seen maaaaany flirtatious texts and dms + he cheated on me while I was studying abroad. He was my first boyfriend and I was not ready to leave him, so I stayed.

  13. I have been trying to eat smaller meals for about 3 months now. As someone said in another comment, it’s all about what your body expects. It’s been tough eating less than I would usually go for, but now I feel like it’s getting easier and easier.

  14. If you don't tell your dad, I hope you burn in hell. Do you know how betrayed he will be when he eventually finds out that his wife is cheating with his own brother, but the fact that his own child knew of this whole charade and didn't bother to mention it to him. He'll hate you for the rest of his life and you will either 1, not care at all and move on with your life or 2, live with that guilt for the rest of your life. Do what's best, tell the poor man!

  15. Omfg how can you say that to someone who is clearly lost and devastated ? « I hope you burn in hell » ???!! What’s wrong with you ?? Jesus

  16. “Since olive oil is very good for you”. No! All oil is bad for you. Don’t fall for a clever marketing campaign. Milk does a body good, diamonds are rare etc…just no. Yeah you’re missing something alright.

  17. That’s wrong. Oil is good for you, but like everything, if eaten reasonably

  18. I’d try starting the conversation this way, so as to make him believe you have proof "if you lie, I’ll know and I’ll leave". If he really denies everything, then he really might have not cheated

  19. I think some people are being hard on you. You’re "convinced" you’re the side chick: is it a gut feeling ? Or he told you he had a gf ? If it’s just gut feeling then props to you for having second thoughts about this whole situation.

  20. I cheated on my ex because he was my absolute best friend in the world but I wasn’t in love with him anymore. I fell in love with someone else and was terrified that if I broke up with him I would lose my best friend

  21. We broke up and I told him the truth. We are still best friends. I am very lucky he is so kind and forgiving.

  22. Wow, cheers to this man who seems very understanding ! Props to you for telling the truth

  23. Sooo cheating on her is an expression of your “love” for her? How does she feel about this?

  24. Reasons vary from situation to situation and person to person. No two exactly identical. Some men settle young and never sew wild oats. Some men get bored. Some men have self esteem/confidence problems and being desired (temporarily) makes them feel good about themselves. Some men feel neglected or unappreciated at home. Some are in DBs where they gave little or no sex. Some have mismatched libidos from their wives. Some have lost physical attraction to their wives. Some simply do it simply because they can and sex is fun and feels good. There's any number of reasons why. And it could be a mixture of several all at once.

  25. Selfishness my friend. In hindsight I should've left as soon as the affair started. But it was scary. Throwing away a new marriage and a house i just bought while already struggling financially for a girl who was literally 19 and I had known for 3 months was terrifying.

  26. I respect that you could tell this story man. I understand your POV

  27. What is a "shady past" ? I mean if you feel like this relationship could work, go for it, but maybe at first I’d say don’t get too involved in it. I know many couples who have a large age gap, it doesn’t stop them from loving each other. But you’re still young so be careful!

  28. I had an incredibly hard time bringing myself to break up. Long story short, he cheated on me, I chose to stay, we were in a good spot and quite happy together, but I knew I didn’t want that for the future.

  29. I have a very similar story; I took him back but eventually I realized I could never spend my life with someone who cheated. Now I’m happily engaged to a wonderful man. Have a great life dude :)

  30. To me, cheating is when your partner does something that they would not dare tell you. Yes, he might have been in shenanigans for the past month, but if he truly did not care about you, he would not have told you. Why would he tell you ?

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