Current FBI Raid Undergoing at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home.

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Megathread: FBI Searches Former President Donald Trump's Florida Home

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Part 2! Sister had a baby and told mother she would have no contact with the baby. Threatened to have me arrested for not sticking up for her, then told me she wishes I was aborted.

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  1. According to some of the other posts I've seen on this subreddit, it usually means under extrusion.

  2. I'm not a scientist, but from my understanding - Don't we need Russia's rare earth metals to go forward with a green revolution? Is it even possible without them?

  3. Wtf people downvoting you but someone else said the same thing??

  4. It might have something to do with his post history.

  5. This guy deserves to have a scalding cup of coffee poured onto his crotch. See how he likes it.

  6. Off topic but do u have the STL for this?

  7. Currently at work, but I'll get back to you in roughly 7 hours if you can wait that long until I get back home on my computer and find it for you.

  8. Stupid people voting against their own best interest, what a world we live in

  9. That's what happens when the education systems are defunded in "certain" states. The neurons that could have been used for nuanced thought are replaced by Tucker Carlson's opinions.

  10. What exactly was it about Trump's policies that you found so revolutionary?

  11. Gas prices are up because of the current war going on in Ukraine due to Russia. Gas prices are up literally everywhere globally, so that really shows your ignorance.

  12. Biden's kid can release videos of hiring hookers and doing drugs and the FBI does nothing but being a possible candidate again the least popular president ever and you get your house raided. It's not like he had an incest bible from Biden's daughter or anything. I wasn't going to vote for Trump.(it is shitty you have to say that on a fucking platform) I think this is a misuse of power and people would be outraged if it happened to a different ex president.

  13. You'd have to be naive to think politicians on both sides don't use their power to have organizations, like the FBI, do favors for them.

  14. Have you ever considered that the MSM push these culture wars as a divide and conquer tactic on the population? Are pronouns actually as big of a deal as the MSM makes them out to be? Whilst the powers that be have convinced everyone that their fellow prole is to blame, they deflect and distract and get away with murdering us all.

  15. I believe this to an extent, but I really do feel as though it's foreign adversaries pushing these "polarizing" views and stirring up as much bullshit as they can to create as much chaos and political discourse as possible within the western countries.

  16. I’m trying to print a benchy and it always starts fine but then it always just stops at this point. Idk if it’s my setting or the model but I can’t get to to print fully My setup is: -Ender 3 pro -Capricorn PTFE -BL Touch The filament I’m using is PLA+ by Inland

  17. This might be a dumb question, but I feel like I should ask anyway - how does the roll of filament look? Are any of the windings on the spool criss-crossed with eachother and causing a jam/not allowing the filament to move freely? I've had this happen once so far and im only 2.5 weeks into 3D printing.

  18. I’m trying to keep it loose so the filament doesn’t have to do a 90 degree angle so in can enter the extruder

  19. You can print filament guides so there's a smoother transition coming off the tube and going directly into the drive feed/bowden tube, but I'm speaking about the spool itself right now.

  20. Yeah, but that's a hard sell when people within the company have drastically different pay.

  21. Some advice from somebody who's currently new and struggling:

  22. Why the hell did anyone let Pelosi go there in the first place? I don't get it...

  23. Because it's an independant country which is welcoming to United States diplomats, which is completely in their right.

  24. An independant what ? US doesnt even officially recognize Taiwan. Love americans on reddit being so sure of themselves you big ankles only have a critical spirit when it comes to your domestic shit but all around the world you act like you are always within your right and just the good guy. What a sight

  25. Filament is hygroscopic. Unless you live in an arid environment, if the RH in your house is around 40%, then your PLA is going to be similarly moist. I dry my PLA as I print with it and have seen improvements well worth the investment in the drier on an Ender 5

  26. Not not if it's happening at layer start or layer end.. Do you know if it's the start or the end of the layer where it's happening? And do you have coasting enabled?

  27. I'll have to get back on you later on this one. Unsure if I have coasting enabled and usually my first few layers aren't perfect, but at this point in time I'm pretty confident I have a warped bed.

  28. I don't know how this guy has made it this far in life.

  29. Or lacks experience and couldn’t slow down. I’ve seen that happen to motorcyclists who lack experience and get nervous

  30. So he managed to make it all the way to the tracks and didn't know how to break?

  31. I'd say I'm more left leaning, but I have plenty of conservative views as well. I'd argue I'm just a regular joe blow when it comes to my political stances.

  32. LOL. Exposure to levels of radiation 5-6 times bigger than normal for 24 hours is a death sentence for human organism? Thank you, now i know for sure that you don’t know what you are talking about.

  33. Do me a favor and look up the Dunning–Kruger effect, I think it applies to you very well.

  34. Or to you. I wonder how people even work there, and how people who were participating in Chernobyl events still alive. Man, just stop pretending that you are smart.

  35. It's funny how obsessed with being intelligent you seem to be.

  36. If you say so...I think "war games" involve the EXACT same logistics and planning as an actual invasion.

  37. They don't. You would have major medical tents and supplies sent to treat casualties vs what you would for war games.

  38. I wouldn't bet money on that. They wouldn't have raised so much noise over a non-issue like Pelosi's visit if they weren't hellbent on starting something. This time feels different.

  39. Op can't read. Wonders why he makes dogshit wage... the simple truth is not all people can work in just any field. I wouldn't trust this guy to be my doctor. Dude can't even read... dummies dig ditches and other bs work because thats all they are capable of. There is a alot of dumb and average poeople out there.

  40. I am saying the guy who digs ditches might not have the mental capacity to be a scientist, engineer, doctor etc... Not capable of doing that line of work by no fault of his own. I'll be the first to admit i'm not the smartest guy around. Simple truth is there is a lot of dumb people not capable of doing more advanced or technical jobs. Myself included. I'm not drinking any kool-aid. This is the truth, not everyone born is albert einstein or stephen hawkings. Yall keep bitching about your dogshit wages but go to reddit to "do something about it"... Grow a pair and actually do something about it. Crying on the internet and making a dedicated forum is not the solution, sorry. Seems like one of the idiots striked again.

  41. I'd argue and say the entire anti-work sentiment HAS made a difference. Since the beginning of the pandemic, from my own anecdotal experience, I've seen the turn-over rate at my job actually double.

  42. You could always just make an account. It's free and gives you unlimited articles.

  43. If the reporting was decent, they wouldn't need to gather and sell data from 'free' accounts, would they?

  44. How are those two things at all a direct comparison? That made zero sense.

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