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  1. The wife's "Interview has been scheduled" it's normal to show up until everything is approved. Did the officer say that he will approve the application after the interview?

  2. he said everything looks good, he had way more questions about why our lawyers did the i485 for our daughter.

  3. urologist seem better and more open to trt than PC, and endocrinologist

  4. It's difficult to find any actual studies on increased injection frequency or microdosing because literally every old medical professional still reference the stale protocol of once every 2 weeks without even taking into consideration the half-life of the compounds. My theory is that due to insurance limitations, they won't budge from this protocol.

  5. I like this idea, I even skipped off on injections at the start so I could save up extra to give myself 140 a week lol

  6. my white one with the jet boat seems like a normal white shirt no issues didn't get just say they switched vendors b.c of the quality issues

  7. Also, stupid question but will my labs show my DHT levels tomorrow?

  8. My endo prescribed the same as your doc. Just got my 10mL vial last week. I did 100mg the day I got it and starting next week will do 2x 50mg every week sub q.

  9. I was thinking of waiting 3 weeks to start so I can do 200 a week

  10. Eat chicken with the skin. Chicken thighs for instance. And when I make chicken breast I always eat it with a fatty sauce (made of cream for instance), or wrap bacon around them.

  11. I work 11 hour come home make dinner hang with the kid put her to bed an just wanna feel loved and appreciated

  12. I had low t my PCP sent to me an endocrinologist to "see what's wrong" he told me it's probably because I'm a little over weight and maybe I don't get good sleep. that was his answers. oh and rather than put me on trt he wanted to put m on a weightless drug lol

  13. If there isnt there should be! Like a podcast of the episodes.

  14. Yes, Hoax Hotel. Please confirm if you're dead or alive. We have $10.5 million USD pending for you.

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