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  1. What a gorgeous baby you have!!

  2. What a beautiful baby!!!!

  3. What a beautiful baby!!!!

  4. Oh wow yes she is and she is a beautiful one at that!!

  5. Happy Birthday you beautiful baby!!

  6. She really is something lmao!

  7. I agree the both of them!! But she always seems surprised when he says something.

  8. I sure she is!! I feel the same for my babies too!

  9. What a gorgeous baby you have!!

  10. Not my cat, just giving love to the kitties while they board with us.

  11. I have 2 bombays and they are so loving.

  12. I agree. Jack is a moron. He blows a friggen gasket over Phyllis not trusting Diane... And, 'not changing'. Then, overlooks the shady-shit Diane did to get back in their lives. It's like he believes Diane, because she's being NICE about it... 🥴.

  13. I stopped watching the damn show after this all happened!! I can’t believe how Diane has been excepted with open arms to the family. Phyllis does deserve way better than Jack now.

  14. Completely agree! I cannot believe the 360 Jack did, with Phyllis, after one slip-up. Yet, seems to be completely okay with Diane. He says he's giving room for Kyle to make-up his own mind, but his actions are showing differently.

  15. Kyle already made his mind up that fool!! I just can’t watch this show anymore it’s just gone done the hill.

  16. Omg you are my hero!!! God bless you for this!! She is absolutely beautiful!!

  17. She's a sweetheart and taking care of her is it's own blessing. She's just lovey all the time! I'm excited to get to know her and meet her babies!

  18. I hope you keep us posted and plenty of photos!! She is absolutely beautiful. I’d love to have one of her babies I hope you are gonna keep one or 2 lol. Thank you for saving this precious baby you truly are an amazing person for this.

  19. Whoever is writing Theo does not know how to write young kids. He seems to range from 3~13 years old. One night, he's in his dinosaur jammies, listening to a bed time story from his mommy, the next day he's drawing graphic p0rn0graphic pictures on his tablet. One minute, he's spouting detail facts about some random subject like a genius, the next minute he doesn't know how to dial 911.

  20. I agree and I say the same thing to my friend who watches it with me. If I was acting or rather doing whatever his mom is doing my daughter at that age wouldn’t and couldn’t understand that!

  21. For me it’s Theo and Maggie.

  22. Absolutely beautiful baby!

  23. Happy Birthday you beautiful baby!!

  24. Awwww what a sweet and beautiful baby!!

  25. If she does than she looks absolutely beautiful!!!!

  26. Holy crap I’ve never seen my 5 babies do this!!

  27. They’re absolutely beautiful!!!!

  28. I don’t know, she looks her age to me 🙃 Heavily edited, but still her age. Guess I’m alone in this thought!

  29. I wish I was in love with myself like she is!!! Lol

  30. What is she trying sell her? Fake boobs, hair or what?

  31. Doesn’t she see how gross her ass is!!

  32. Happy Birthday you beautiful baby!!

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