1. i haven't checked if it makes any difference for the rankings, but i have a few corrections if that's okay:

  2. Thank you, I'll make adjustments tonight. 0325 I can fix here, but on the spreadsheets it'll stay 325 because Excel will either remove the 0 or turn it into March 25th because Microsoft hates us.

  3. I thought it might fall under unreleased since the album it's on doesn't release till next week. I'll remove red lights and add it back in now:)

  4. Ah, ok... it released on Spotify, and that's official enough, lol.

  5. This was happening a couple of years ago before Rollin' went viral. They were all moving on and it was all but over. Rollin' went viral, they got a couple of more years, some endorsements, a Queendom run, and hopefully the members were able to make some money.

  6. Full results (sorry, thought I posted this earlier):

  7. Chili and rice with a side of grilled cornbread.

  8. It's like he never left! because he never left.

  9. Shake It has an official release on the YG Family album, so go ahead.

  10. Dude has like 12 jobs. How tf is he gonna have time for a gf, too?

  11. Not to say that they are dating, but an idol being busy doesn't mean thar much if they really want to date. When Jihyo + Kang Daniel was revealed, people were mostly shocked bc it seemed like Twice was being constantly overworked so people were wondering how she found time to be dating

  12. Yeah, obviously idols can and do date. It was a joke based on how many groups + other activities Mark is involved with.

  13. Because their songwriters thought, "we'll have a Top Ten Tuesday one day and screw that guy tallying the votes."

  14. Please vote for 10 songs only. Voting for more than 10 songs makes your votes unable to be tallied by the script.

  15. They can call it whatever they want idgaf, we finally get more Ssamyen moments.

  16. OnlyOneOf got 69th place in the b-side vote and 169th place here. it's truly fate! good job guys!

  17. With 4th gen fully taking center stage and debuting girl groups being crazy impactful from the get go, it's not surprising boy groups are somewhat under-represented in these kinds of rankings (although groups like Stray Kids and Seventeen as well as soloists from top acts saw tons of success too).

  18. I agree, but to add: I think the best stuff from male artists this year was more on the hip hop side (Jo Gwangil, J-Hope's Arson was great, a few others) which gets overlooked here. EXO has enlistments, Taemin gone for the year, BTS changing gears and starting enlistment, too...just an odd year for bg's while gg's had a stellar year.

  19. 1 - Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm 2 - Red Velvet - BYE BYE 3 - Kwon Eunbi - Glitch 4 - VIVIZ - Red Sun (i know its queendom + a cover but like.. idgaf 😊) 5 - NMIXX - O.O 6 - (G)I-DLE - MY BAG 7 - Wonstein, JOY - Love Song 8 - GOT the beat - Step Back 9 - i cant think of shit 10 - i also cant think of shit!!

  20. Hi, can you please reformat your list? See the other posts for examples...your votes can't be tallied when formatted like this.

  21. I double checked from the original data pull and it was tallied, just not deleted from the final listing. Point totals are the same.

  22. That's American PREMIUM Pizza? Really Papa Johns? For shame. Admit what you are, basic ass pizza. lol

  23. Papa John's isn't take and bake either. You're thinking of Papa Murphy's.

  24. Pose is a title track per Melon, btw.

  25. I don’t tend to listen to a lot of b-sides unfortunately T.T for groups I don’t hardcore follow I only keep up with title tracks rip, so there’s not a lot of artists on this list… but hopefully this is alright?

  26. You can vote for 10 songs from the same artist if you'd restrictions there.

  27. should those 2 counts for seventeen’s sector 17 not be combined with face the sun because it’s a repackage?

  28. Is it? Ok, I will combine...I really wish people would follow the rules istg.

  29. Animated Boca-era Gahyeon is almost as cute as irl Gahyeon.

  30. Similar question. Would hanbee be considered k-pop or a western artist?

  31. It doesn't look like she has any connection to the Korean Music Industry (neither corporate nor indie), so I would say that she's a Western artist, and ineligible. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  32. No worries! You weren't the only one to do that, either.

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