Chinese High-Speed Railway Map 2008 vs. 2020

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  1. Agree 100% on Carl Elias. I seriously wish he wasn't killed off at the end. It seemed a bit pointless and not really an end fitting his character. Other than that it's definitely one of the better endings to a TV series.

  2. Personal fave: I breached the space-time continuum.

  3. I remember the comment but forget the context.

  4. Reese had been tailing Finch, back when he was trying to figure out who he really was and where he lived. Then Reese went to the library, thinking he'd arrived first. When he realized Finch was already there, he asked where he'd come from. "I breached the space-time continuum." Then he said something like, "not really, but we'll discuss that later." He knew Reese had been following him.

  5. Ah yeah. Thanks for the reminder. That was hilarious. Reese has a good few lines like that. Fusco too.

  6. I'm not surprised at the amount of accidents. There's a load of idiots on the roads who forgot how to drive the second they passed their test.

  7. You obviously can't feel the love tonight...

  8. She clearly doesn't deserve such an awesome dude.

  9. Liberty are pretty good. Currently have a pretty good deal with Aviva.

  10. It's up to you to cross when the way is clear. Not just turn and hope they stop.

  11. Relax fish nerds. Just disqualify him. No need for the lynch mob.

  12. Last time I was I Galway the cathedral car park seemed like the cheapest option.

  13. What's the school's response to bad behavior? Do they take it seriously? Are students subject to disciplinary procedures?

  14. Nobody discovered America in 1492. Vikings discovered America almost 500 years before Columbus landed in the Bahamas and thought his dumb ass was in India.

  15. Ah yes. He was a dumbass because he didn't have the benefit of Google maps.

  16. Yes he's a dumb ass because his dumb ass landed on the wrong continent and for 400 years dumbasses have been calling native americans Indians.

  17. So tell me about your scientific and exploratory discoveries that qualify you to make that judgement?

  18. Yeah this is totally true. And the fact that any kind of degenerate behavior should be indulged if it's a "fetish".

  19. If it's a licenced agent it won't be a scam. If it's a scam they'll just tell you to fuck off anyway. This should be a thing but unfortunately it's a landlords' market.

  20. I wouldn't buy a kebab for 17 euro. I'd head down to a local kebabby and get a cheaper one.

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