1. I just joined and promoted as Arlo's right hand man and you want Niantic to redesign him (and the other)??! I think you're the real villain behind all of this.. sad..

  2. Never used the word want nor looking forward to such a thing. Merely expecting it considering willow’s redesign followed by the team leader’s

  3. Yess, I'm sorry bro, it's just me to make something more fun, hehe

  4. I also have a perfect V.bell.. never thought to pit it against the UL God.

  5. Just going to point out the obvious.. Everyone knows that pansear is the real prize amongst all of these

  6. You can advance levels once a day. Doesn’t matter if it’s evolved free of charge or you pay to evolve it.

  7. The limit is one increment per calendar day. You don't have to wait the entire rest period

  8. If you had it in your arsenal, I’d say without a shadow of a doubt it would have to be shadow mewtwo.

  9. Yea mega Banette looks sick af, hopefully it’ll be on par with mega Gengar

  10. Niantic will release Kecleon before they ever release mega rayquaza 🤣

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