JJ meets Pineda again

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  1. No way, he’s clowning JJ but then says he’s the best yt boxer apart from him? What?

  2. only if he had a decent hair and not a pushed back hairline

  3. And then if he decides to fight retired pro fighter(like deji did mayweather and jake did silva) he goes ultra ego/beast/ultra instinct

  4. I think something big would be moving all the boxing related stuff over to another subreddit Like

  5. The reddit has been dry lately because JJ is never in any sidemen Sundays or moresidemen since he went into camp but now hopefully he’s in it more and maybe does something huge like bringing back a long lost character or something

  6. I’m not saying it hasn’t been dry before but it’s been really really dry lately

  7. Karma requirement doesn't do anything to help that problem,95% of the people posting that stuff already have that amount of karma, the only way to change it would be to ban everything but memes, or ban categories of posts, or split them into another subreddit (which is possible, e.g using

  8. Well is the posts like Bryce hall posts back in 2021 considered drama now or is it a different kind? Same with rice gum. JJ doesnt really have an enemy to shit on anymore apart from Jake and he doesn’t say anything about him

  9. It works tho all you need to do is change Simon and give him a beard and it’s perfect

  10. Better than Danis but kind of an L since Temperr has already been beat badly by slim. Just a little dissapointing with how much better JJ claims he is than everyone at misfits. Overall gonna be more entertaining than danis tho.

  11. If jj beats slim it kinda kill the fight for slim vs papi, and those are the biggest stars for misfits rn

  12. If you plug a usb c charger from apple into the ps5 usb c charger port will it damage it at all?

  13. No one like stephen tries all of a sudden?! Every video he is in, turns out to be a banger.

  14. Well too much of anything is bad, maybe everything he’s in is a banger is because he’s rarely in them

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