Here are my Marfan's syndrome hands.

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  1. I love FF4 as much as the next guy, but there's not much bonding in there.

  2. Yeah, IV is my favorite in the series (nostalgia mostly), but the 'romance' is pretty minimal. It's 'there' but it's very light and it's what you'd expect out of romance in one of the first 16 bit JRPGs.

  3. Kingdom Hearts. Any criticism of Nomura, even if valid, seems to outrage some people

  4. Religion is a relic of the infancy of our species, a fearful and mewling attempt to comprehend the overwhelming information around us.

  5. pretty much every school has CCTV now maybe go outside and walk around and you might actually see them

  6. He's well known for eating frugally not drinking much and is fond of exercise and the outdoors/ gardening so it might just be one of those things that go wrong as we age .

  7. He's also a total kook, thinks alternative medicine is the answer to all your ailments; homeopathy, aromatherapy, accupuncture, chiropracty, etc. He's been arguing for expanded scope of practice for them for years.

  8. Eastern cottonwood, or Populus deltoides, is the state tree of both Kansas and Wyoming in the United States. Under ideal conditions, these trees can live anywhere from 200 to 400 years. As a soft wood, it is often used to make plywood and parts of furniture.

  9. Not sure if you mean aspen is a 'soft wood' in terms of classification or hardness.

  10. I demanded the game be dubbed in American English, but only in the Minnesota dialect!

  11. This meme is a terrible take. When's the last time you had the pins pop out the back of a USB 3?

  12. I feel like this would suck to have in a cold climate. Thought to get gloves or mittens that would fit 😬

  13. That is a big problem actually, since I literally cannot wear gloves on my hands.

  14. Hopefully you're not a fellow Canadian then, I west gloves like 6-7 months of the year 😂

  15. How hard would it be for myself and my partner to actually emigrate to Canada tho

  16. Right now it's very difficult. There's a massive backlog at Canada Immigration.

  17. Sentiment of the meme is on point, but Triss over Yennefer? pshaw!

  18. Looks like she'll continue to represent the fine people of Oklahoma

  19. My bad, sent the info via chat not by a message. DM is now sent.

  20. I went in there the other day. A) it smelled awful. Mouldy & rotting produce B) it really wasn’t cheaper

  21. I know you're getting downvoted, but my couple experiences with H&W were similar. A fair amount of the produce was definitely approaching the end of it's life.

  22. Having been to Houston a number of times for work. Homelessness there isn't anything like here.

  23. Opinion on Links not withstanding, that's in no way, shape or form near Whyte Ave....

  24. OP did say "Or in general", had they not I wouldn't have commented.

  25. That's definitely a fair counter. The post just showed up as a title with the description compressed/hidden when I first looked at it, so I missed the 'or in general' and just saw the 'hot dogs on whyte' part

  26. Yet there's an enormous pipeline being built to BC right now....

  27. Ah, assumed you were in Edmonton, I'm not sure what St Albert's city rules are for infill.

  28. If you phone the city they have a bunch of information they can provide you with what a contractors infill requirements are.

  29. Before cooking or after? I just kind of winged this. The only thing I knew to do was get as much moisture out before cooking as possible.

  30. Doing it before cooking would maximize the surface area, so you'd get more 'smoke' in the tofu at the expense of it drying out more.

  31. Yep, exactly. It's my biggest complaint about all the barrel style ones.

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