1. What's your opinion on trans athletes? Like a trans powerlifter dominating the female powerlifting scene.

  2. Not trans, but just wondering, would a total non-gendered competition be possible? Categories would be based on stuff like height and weight or other things depending on the sport, instead of gender. Para sakin it seems like the best possible solution, pero baka may mga problems lang nga na kailangan ng other perspectives para makita.

  3. I always thought that Theodore Nott (HP) was known as Theodore Nott Jr. And his father as Theodore Nott Sr.

  4. I'm sorry but the judgemental smiley face 😭😭😭😭 It hit me so hard as a mobile reader

  5. Crop top husband come home to me I have been waiting for 500 years

  6. Finally got my hands on After Dark by Haruki Murakami, started it at 1 am on New Year 😄

  7. ok can someone please tell my why tf everybody likes mori all of a sudden??? i know i haven't read the last few chapters yet but like last time i checked he was still a pedophile????!!!!!

  8. hahahaha not really, still hate him a lot in canon. For me he's an interesting character to put in AUs, but other than that, he's a fucking scumbag.

  9. Ahahaha really confused at first bakit andaming hate kay OP. I thought they were just pointing out na yung extra cream just made the coffee even weaker (sorry if Blanca's nice for you all, strong coffee kasi gusto ko 😅).

  10. Current high school student, how is the architecture industry doing now (Ph wise)?

  11. The Lochfolk at large do not agree with the plans and ideals of Focalor. They refuse to acknowledge or support her. That said, it's also mentioned they're out to spread the love of their former God.

  12. You like really smart men with guts. Might just be me projecting, but you're really smart and really down bad for these characters (as in, help Fyodor bad)

  13. Battlesexual Tartaglia from Genshin. Idk, I think there are other fandoms which also portray battle-loving characters, but Childe in these fics is so... distinct.

  14. I haven't read soukoku fanfics on Wattpad for a while, but I can recc a few on Ao3 if you're open

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