1. I think there are many possibilities here:

  2. "keep in mind that this is an introspective journey, that seeing ourselves clearly and honestly takes time, and that deep down you likely already have some idea of the type of clothing you like to see on your body and feel beautiful wearing. That might be the best place to start"

  3. I'm not sure if petite should mean real life scale considering that even the shortest of people can potentially be any of the IDs associated with vertical. What does it mean if a person is short, even very short, but yet the lines and proportions point towards Soft Dramatic ala Mae West (5'0) or balance like soft classic Veronica Lake (4'11). The real life scale of these women would be undeniably small, yet because of their verticality, they certainly appear taller in pictures which greatly contributes to their typical audience having a different perception of them.

  4. I have to wonder though, whether these are exceptions to the rule, or just an example of "a celebrity lodestar for the type's essence/style/aesthetic"?

  5. i mean. Maybe. I think what is hard is seeing these concepts through a lot of "noise", like, weight, and style choices, and even how we perceive that person's personality... Seeing "longness" is kind of a deceptive thing, i mean, Selena Gomez (TR) can kind of

  6. Imho, original Metamorphosis was way more of a "clear obvious and simple set of concepts" than modern Kibbe!

  7. Waist definition was a game-changer for me, too! I read about it before the amazing Lily filled us in, but woah, it suddenly explained why I felt so boxy in outfits with waist emphasis, even though I have a small waist. Now, I go for definition and it looks--and feels--so much better.

  8. IIRC "definition" is just a fitted waist (ie. Princess seams), and "emphasis" is a cinched waist? The former is definitely better. I can't seem to do the big belts rec'd for DC because they cut me in half. I look weird in anything "hard" around my waist or too-sharp shoulders, hence why I've been using the pure C recs (which I know technically doesn't exist anymore, but it works better for me).

  9. Yeah, you've got it right! I don't even think the belts thing lines up with a lot of what Kibbe says. He hates when people just throw a belt over something if it isn't meant to be belted.

  10. I honestly hate belts! Much prefer to just tuck, or just wear something that fits! 😁

  11. It's my opinion (which may be "technically" wrong/ controversial/unpopular so do with that as you will) that you can borrow from within the same family. I can borrow looks from both SC/DC so I just identify as "a Classic first and foremost", and borrow from both as I'm able, without going to extremes. But this may be because I'm really close to the line (slight curve/slight sharpness) and so it's more of an individual lines thing. But I think in general it's more like seasonal colors, where for example a Cool Winter can borrow from Deep Winter because they're both, first and foremost, a Winter.

  12. You're welcome! I need to look into this aspect of Rita's system further now that you mention this. I relate very much with what you're saying as a (probable) SC with a yang spirit.

  13. How tall are you? If you're 5'7" or above you have automatic vertical and would default to D (or FN).

  14. Classic family, she looks longer because she's on the taller side of the ID. Maybe DC (length= extra yang)?

  15. I think too much space in the garment in that place indicates a lack of width, but can someone who knows more about this please confirm or correct?

  16. I love the Pinterest board, it’s interesting that there are a few verified SGs featured such as the Olsens, Winona and I think Theda Bara. I wonder if it’s a common thing for SGs. I also love that you featured some POC, particularly Madeline Madden the aboriginal actress who was in the Picnic at Hanging Rock reboot, she definitely has Oneiric essence and she is fabulous in the Wheel of Time series on Prime as well. I really feel this, and have been told ethereal is in my mix before but I really Oneiric is more accurate for me.

  17. I may be mixing her up with Clara Bow, but I’m sure I’ve seen her on the SG verified list

  18. It makes sense, but honestly I'd believe pure R over either SG or TR! She seems to not have any sharpness whatsoever.

  19. I work in the construction industry and I’ve encountered some of this myself.

  20. Dress in what makes you the most comfortable, always make sure you look presentable, square those shoulders, speak and walk confidently, and don't let people treat you like a baby, that's what I do, haha

  21. I’m watching the survey about eye pattern the last days, because I believe it’s such an interesting topic. I’m pretty sure I’m a spring (light spring) but my eyes are more typical for autumns. They were the main reason I couldn’t find my color season for many years.

  22. I think paying attention to the specific colors within the pattern is most important. The pattern may reveal a secondary leaning.

  23. The first one is literally my very favorite aesthetic!!! 😭 Please someone tell me it's possible.

  24. I think when they created Barbie, they were trying to create the perfect "curvy FN". You could almost say that the creation of Barbie coincided with the switch from R/C types being the feminine ideal to the N/yang types taking over that title.

  25. I think this is healthy! Style systems can be overwhelming, but they exist to help us, not to torture us! We should take what helps us and not bother with anything that makes the process less enjoyable

  26. That blue-green dress in the show is nothing if not Natural - draping fabric, waist definition, horizontal lines. Her upper body wears the horizontals extremely well! I'm 90% sure I'm a C type and I could not pull that off. That dress would swallow me whole. But on her frame, it's beautiful!

  27. Hello, the diagram came from someone who I believe owns the original book and made this diagram based on the quiz and it’s results. I know people don’t like the quiz, but for the answers:

  28. Unpopular opinion, but I wonder if these "missing type" ppl are actually, for real, TR's and SC's? The types everyone says are just newbie mistakes on the test, the types supposedly nobody actually is? Do these types then become lost, because they actually are these types and it's not, in their case, just a mistake? Especially if the person keeps learning Kibbe terminology and after much deliberation, still is led to these types? But they are brainwashed(gaslit?!) to believe early on in their journey that "it's just that faulty old test", and they just got it wrong? So these ppl wander aimlessly forever afterwards, when they could've been well on their way.

  29. I’m not SN at all, I promise. I agree about the little girl thing, but I think if it were included in Kibbe that people would’ve found out ways to dress for this type without looking like little girls. I believe Mila Kunis to be this type and when she does dress more formally she never comes across as dress too youthfully to me. Just like how someone pointed out that gamines can dress in mod fashion, but also look nice in a certain French style.

  30. Mila Kunis is a verified TR. I'd advise cautiously to not conflate "essence" (as it's used in other systems) with ID!

  31. Nothing wrong at all with wearing all black 😎 and Winters were born for it. But since you like earthy colors and want to accentuate a Natural essence, I think this is doable, especially within the Deep Winter palette. Even Clear Winter has grays and browns, yellows and greens. Deep Winter contains a few Autumn colors, and Winter colors that have an Autumn-like feel. Teal, purple, cranberry, rust, and espresso brown from the Deep Winter palette can give that Autumn vibe. If I'm not mistaken, you even get a (cooler) version of tomato red. And don't forget that Clear and Deep Winters can wear gold!

  32. Thank you so much for your helpful response. I think you're right - texture is the key to achieving my natural essence. Love a chunky knit but again, going to have to be careful as an SD not to add too much bulk. Light knitwear is good though.

  33. You're welcome! You should be alrIght with lighter weight sweaters. If you really like yellows, I know there's a Deep Winter yellow. TiB's page about "seasonal deal breakers" lists one called "goldenrod".

  34. I typically keep cardigans open. I tried to do the cardigan as a shirt look but I just look so matronly if it’s a round neck cardigan. V-neck cardigans are way better for me if I am wearing it as a top but then I typically have a cami underneath so it’s not exactly the style I’m going for.

  35. I wonder if keeping things open is also a possible indicator of curve as well? It just seems to be somewhat easier to not have to work around the girls, haha. In my case they're not very big, but they do push the cardigan aside if the cardigan is very lightweight.

  36. This may not be Kibbe-prescribed, but I think it's at least onto the idea that the way fabric behaves is probably a lot more important than the way somebody looks.

  37. The cool girl on campus, she's everybody's friend - but only if they're popular. And watch out, she may also steal your boyfriend.

  38. I am sorry that the journey has been so trying. I know Kibbe isn't easy, but I certainly can understand the struggle when none of the advice is working. I am at least happy that others can come and read this comment and know that they are not alone.

  39. It's just been a huge disappointment. I've put in a lot of time and work, and feel as if I'm maybe one of the handful that it really doesn't work for. So I don't get to have that joy of discovery that everyone else seems to find. I guess I feel left out. I'm very glad that, by speaking honestly about it, others in the same position can see they're not alone. At least it's not been a waste.

  40. If anything I want you to be able to love the looks you are wearing because they authentically are YOU! I would think if the rules aren’t allowing you to feel freedom in your clothing and personal style, then they aren’t worth following (heretical I know 👀).

  41. Thanks! Honestly I may rather just work with essences and the like. The rules based on body shape are useful for fit, but I never saw why certain aesthetics were off limits for some body types while others are something you should wear whether you like them or not. And I'm saying this coming from predominantly a book background, and lots of study here and other quality discussions, having religiously avoided Pinterest and similar. Even in Metamorphosis, whatever some may say, there definitely is a prescribed aesthetic for each of the ID's. As I understand it Kibbe is working to change this, another reason that new book can't come fast enough.

  42. Can we really imagine Dita in a pixie, though? 🤔 She and Rachel are most likely not Gamines because I can't see them rocking a pixie. Emma, on the other hand, does rock a pixie, so possible G.

  43. I think Rachel is in the C family, and I really think that if Dita is a C, it's SC, not DC.

  44. One thing that made the difference for me deciding my type (I’m always hesitating between SG SC) is that I need to accommodate for petite… small details, I need to size down even though I have curve, oversized clothes drown me, trousers with large bows in front do not suit me… and I do think that petiteness participates in creating that youthful look.

  45. How easy for you! I am conventionally petite, but not Kibbe petite - I do not have bones that are small/narrow "in all directions". My bone structure is medium, not conventionally delicate. I still have the conventional "petiteness" though which, I agree, gives that youthful vibe and appearance! 🙂

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