1. Thanks everyone for your answers! Just as a quick info - i struggle a lot with my skin but i cropped that problem out lol! Thanks for your compliments on my brows, you people! I love my brows a lot, too! ✨ I'll look into your solutions. Thanks a lot!

  2. I know it might not be what you're looking for, but I think the dark circles look really really pretty!!! You have very nice eyes and it only accentuates them.

  3. I'm from the states. I've lived in Northern Thailand the past 15-20 years. Couldn't feel safer and the sense of community is fantastic, but then my wife is Thai and very active in the community. That said, I'm sure Thailand wouldn't be for everyone. It wouldn't do were someone to move to Thailand or Malaysia or wherever and then =not= feel as if they're fitting in.

  4. The UK definitely feels "at home" to me, but I do appreciate the conveniences we have in the US. I also don't think I would have had the same opportunities that I do if I hadn't grown up in the US and gone to the university that I did.

  5. Interesting, thank you! I'm curious about what the US has that's especially convenient compared to the UK ?

  6. Sand Diego area is great, especially La Jolla area . It is expensive though but worth it. I lived their for three years and loved it. It is extremely safe and town of young professionals, families,and college students . It is mostly a mix of Asians and white people in La jolla .Amazing and safe area and I recommend it to all. Lots of shops, good restaurants and has a beachy vibe

  7. Nooooooo, either bus (ADO, AV or others), plane or drive. Most of us drive though highways called Cuotas because they’re safer than federal highways. If you’re going from Puebla to Baja California or a far place, most of us fly or make the trip to drive but it’s better flying because it’s sadly safer than driving.

  8. Is taking the bus "unsafe" at times? Perhaps depending on what state your at or something? Like do you ever feel uneasy about it

  9. Almost by definition, that statement betrays a lack of perspective on behalf of the speaker.

  10. I understand how you might feel that way, but it's a subjective question. My friend has lived there her whole life and that's her experience that it doesn't feel the same. Yes it's a big city that's diverse and ever changing, but for the first 20 years of her life, while it's still ever changing, it still felt like NY to her. But now, for whatever reason, it doesn't. That's her experience.

  11. I felt that way in Marrakech. I loved it from the moment the plane landed, and I love it each time I go back.

  12. Fascinating! Most people don't like Marrakech for one reason or another so it's nice to hear that

  13. The space in your brain is big enough for all of them, don't worry. There are lot of people in the world who speak multiple languages.

  14. I want to learn the "big" languages. I’m on Russian right now, i have a Russian friend and i can only say basic greetings and such to him and he answers with these long sentences the prick! 😄 After that i’m hoping i’ll be able to learn arabic and chinese. Very difficult languages but that’s what’s so attractive to me! Good luck to anyone learning a language!

  15. This was back in 2013 before I became French and even had ever lived in France…but…my 10lb poodle traveled with me in cabin (Chicago-Paris direct). His ticket was about 175 dollars. I had to get a certificate from the state vet and have it apostilled and get all his vaccines up to date. And When I arrived to Paris no one asked to see any of these “important” documents 🤡 The passport agent just told me my dog was cute.

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