1. Strategy....may be what ur already doing but my ztrategy is always price 5-10$ higher and come down immediately as if I'm desperate to sell it. Good Luck

  2. Do you use the ship by Facebook where you have to give them your bank account information?

  3. Wow thanks so much for ur response. I have had internet issues, so only now seeing this. I decided to cancel aord press and use Google blogger.... but I am at a loss as to what niche to blog about. I am passionate about so many issues, some are not things I would necessarily share at work or jn my professional circle, but I enjoy writing and think the controversial topics would make the best impact. Oh that too is also elusive to me. Still wanta help, Greg?

  4. 🙋‍♀️ Me me me... we knew bout the ozone then too tho...don't think we were very concerned... #80shairdontcare #immature #just didn't know #aquanet

  5. That to me looks like either a Christmas or an Easter cactus

  6. Start with some positive affirmations, write them on index cards n post around ur house or living space. Journaling helps me to organize the thoughts that r racing around my head. Make a goals sheet, don’t only write what u want to accomplish but how u will. Find out from within what u enjoy doing and make a plan to begin living again

  7. Hi, I know these feelings too…wanta share what’s going on with u? I’m here to listen and maybe help u work it out??

  8. I don’t know the official name but I grew up calling it a ‘Rubber Tree’ that may help in identifying it

  9. I looked that up and I don't think that's what this is because it doesn't produce sap.

  10. The rubber tree I’m referring to doesn’t produce sap….hmmm?? That’s the closest in appearance to this plant, just bigger leaves but I figured it was just young. Good luck! Have u ever tried the app ‘SEEK’ it’s the best plant ID I’ve found. It’s got a green leaf on the app icon.

  11. Yea I know bout Google 🙄 I usually get a more straight forward answer here. Thanks 😊

  12. Hi I’m Grapeapemon, I’ve been playing since the beginning of POGO ….friends? 3238 5053 6325

  13. Heyyy I’m grapeapemon, been playing since the beginning! 3238 5053 6325 friend me please

  14. Oh no hun you do not deserve to die! I can’t say I know what ur going through specifically but honey I know fucking up and I know that everything can be worked through. You can be happy, u can be whole! You deserve to give yourself a chance! You seem young and have so many more “fuck ups” to feel guilty about BUT each fuckup is a lesson and when you know better u do better. U will only have to make some mistakes 2 or 3 times to learn and some u k ow right away. Ok my point is there is always hope when u have life! I don’t know what country ur in but even without conversion therapy you can work through this! U DESERVE TO GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE!

  15. Hey bet my life sucks worse today! 😝 it really does suck when y don’t have anyone to express ur self to.

  16. I’m too sick of the MS sucks folks. If u hate me so bad then go somewhere else or at least a different sub. I love this state! It’s not perfect by no means but there are some great people here, there IS good history too! It’s not as post worthy as the neg stuff I guess.

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