1. I have been looking into ketamine therapy infusions are good for treatment resistant depression.

  2. I’ve read lately about that, is it available where u live?

  3. Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate, it makes me feel better. I don’t have friends anymore, we stopped seing/talking to each other a long time ago. I have a family but it’s very complicated, I can’t really talk to them.

  4. It’s an elephant tree or plant, they are commonly gifted at funerals, they will last a long time but never be as full and pretty as at the funeral or when first bought.

  5. Searched with Google lens and nothing…any info please

  6. Omg so glad to see I'm not the only one fed up with bluehost. They have hung up on me 8 times in 2 days! I paid for my domain and hosting In January and I am stil not online!

  7. Hey there...u sound like someone I could be friends with. I'm Adelle from the US, Mississippi to be more exact. I'm 44, disabled but I work part time at several different jobs. I enjoy the outdoors, photography, art,crafts, diy, writing and of course Shopping! However I am super thrifty and will stretch a Nickle until it cries. Hope ur day is good and hope to here back from u

  8. I started back journaling by talking about each aspect of my life or what’s important to me physical Health, mental health, family, friends, love, spiritual , career, goals. Where was I with these aspects, where did I want to be…etc. most importantly for me tho was remembering that “THERE IS NO WRONG WAY”

  9. Searched Google images but no luck also this is made of wood.

  10. Hey moms..I’m grapeapemon n I gotcha! Good luck 🍀 y’all

  11. It looks like you might be trying to identify a location. Your post has been removed, please try

  12. Strategy....may be what ur already doing but my ztrategy is always price 5-10$ higher and come down immediately as if I'm desperate to sell it. Good Luck

  13. Do you use the ship by Facebook where you have to give them your bank account information?

  14. Wow thanks so much for ur response. I have had internet issues, so only now seeing this. I decided to cancel aord press and use Google blogger.... but I am at a loss as to what niche to blog about. I am passionate about so many issues, some are not things I would necessarily share at work or jn my professional circle, but I enjoy writing and think the controversial topics would make the best impact. Oh that too is also elusive to me. Still wanta help, Greg?

  15. 🙋‍♀️ Me me me... we knew bout the ozone then too tho...don't think we were very concerned... #80shairdontcare #immature #just didn't know #aquanet

  16. That to me looks like either a Christmas or an Easter cactus

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