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  1. Yes, after you have taken it timed

  2. Personally I prefer going 4th since it allows some unconventional strats

  3. I mean end of game ranking. Like if I place second in VP, does my mmr go up?

  4. Demons better for drilling, 7sage is better for learning findementals. 7sage is also good for taking tests

  5. so you recommend starting with 7sage?

  6. They're both about the same reputation wise. 7sage explains things to death. Demon is apparently more expensive. I only watched the videos on 7sage and just used Khan because I'm a poor.

  7. Thank you! Would you recommend starting with 7sage instead of something like the Powerscore Bibles?

  8. What skill ceilling? Skin prices? What does that have to do with the game dying? Prioritizing skins? You know the developer team is split up, each team with their own focus, right? Im sorry but what are you on about?

  9. The skill ceiling in this game is lower than cs. There is rng bullet spray, and the way the ranking system works, most top players either hit radiant and make a new account (no leaderboard system or shown mmr) or just flat out quit. They made this game dramatically easier to pick up than cs bc almost everything is rng besides maybe the first 1-3 bullets.

  10. You’re contradicting yourself. Your complaining about the rng then you’re saying the game is easier? Which one is it? Because the rng spray definetly isn’t easier then cs spray. This game also has ability usage and interactions between agents that make it alot harder to just run and gun.

  11. It’s bc you’re not choosing to actually read into what I’m saying or anyone else on this subreddit quite frankly. We get it, this game is your favorite, shut up for a second and put one and one together. More rng = no spray pattern. If there are no patterns to learn, the game is easier due to a lower skill ceiling and not having to learn ANY patterns. it is without a doubt easier to use than cs spray. Half the players on here would quit or complain if the vandal was like the ak.

  12. Yeah and that's my mistake. I ain't buying them no more though. I don't care if they drop a fucking sick ass infinity gauntlet type of knife while being partnered with Marvel - I ain't buying SHIT until they get their shit straight.

  13. You already bought like 300 dollars or more worth of stuff tho lol.. like 5 knives??

  14. If he's got money and want to use it, he can use it as he see pleases.

  15. Never said he couldn’t. My point was that he was dropping that $300, then complaining that riot doesn’t drop prices. It is the majority of riots fault, but it is also the people that consistently buy it. It gives riot no reason to drop

  16. Can someone tell me why it says "offers" for 1 hour and featured for wayyyyy longer

  17. featured is the new skins, offers are the older skins, they cycle every day

  18. Another bundle I won’t buy it doesn’t look good to me and the phantom looks overdone. I bet this is going to cost €100 so gl to people who are spending this much

  19. Was thinking the other day, cosmic/dark star skins.. and a doppler type of knife? bruh i couldnt pass on that

  20. Won four games in a row today, one with 3 up arrows and 3 with one up arrow each. Lost one game after those game, instantly demoted. Makes sense now lmao

  21. This topic has been on the front page like 3 times already lmao

  22. In terms of playrate and winrate, sage is best, viper is worst. although personally when I see viper mains, they are all insane at their agent, so it makes her look really good in ranked.

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