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  1. Students killing other students with guns nearly every day?

  2. Yeah, in Portugal. None of that shit in the northern half of Europe.

  3. Yea i'm loving the 20-22c we get for the whole week, it's nice to know it's possible to exist without sweating

  4. Not even 20┬░C for the whole rest of the week where I live. Also more rain. Gets a bit too cool inside though.

  5. Erstmal abwarten, ob sich keiner in den n├Ąchsten Monaten irgendwie meldet.

  6. England had a female prime minister? Wow thatÔÇÖs really awesome, do you guys know much about her, IÔÇÖd love to hear what you guys know about her.

  7. The first one was a bitch. The second one danced on stage.

  8. Die, die die, die die Ananaspizza erfanden, verdammen, tun recht.

  9. Vanillezucker, Stevia und (vorher gebratene) Speckw├╝rfel in den Teig, geriebener K├Ąse mit hohem Fettgehalt in den Pannkoken.

  10. Surprised by Frankfurt am Main. Has it improved so much?

  11. Im Norden habe ich alle komplett (bin selbst Nordlicht). Im s├╝dlichen Osten fehlt was sowie im s├╝dlichen Westen. Im S├╝den war ich nie, zieht mich auch nichts hin.

  12. Our plane stopped on an airport outside Paris and we had to wait for another. Toilets were holes in the ground.

  13. Yes, but what percent are willing to do so with a tourist...

  14. Mostly only to older songs as I barely follow modern music. The youngest German or Low German songs of those are from the 2000s, the oldest from the 19th century.

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