1. 😂😂yes, you are gonna die. From smoking that? Fat chance 😆 did you make it all the way through it without putting it out?

  2. The same THC cap language is sitting on the governors desk in Virginia. I bet they planned this and you are exactly right

  3. Is that by state? I remember working at a Walmart in NY it was 32 and so they scheduled all part timers 28 or less to make sure they didn't go over.

  4. Came here looking for this because they deleted it!

  5. Sexual harassment by managers allegations, poor working conditions, and a mustard gas creation accident cover up that almost sent staff the hospital that was swept under the rug while they forced workers to stay open. Commenter already posted about the instagram where people have posted grievances, but a friend of mine who worked there posted screenshots from the places’ staff group chat corroborating all this as true.

  6. Virginia NORML played a leadership role in getting cannabis legal here in Virginia. The people claimed they are secretly corporate are clearly unfamiliar with social justice salaries. Absent legal cannabis retail, mystery Delta-8 products have become widely available and some of them are giving cannabis a bad rap. A child died in Virginia from mystery Delta-8 gummies. The non-using public doesn’t know the difference. Of course the hemp industry wants to protect their market share. Legal cannabis (retail) will put hemp snake oil out of business. The sooner the better as far as I’m concerned. The last thing we need is an entrenched hemp industry paying off politicians to keep cannabis off the shelves.

  7. Totally uninformed answer, but thanks for sharing. The child died after eating an entire package that an irresponsible parent left out. The same can happen with delta 9 gummies too, legal or not. That point is moot.

  8. Here in Virginia, yes. And the same people run all of the chapters too, but norml has over 400 chapters nationwide, and it was founded in the 70s. The general mission and purpose is for the people

  9. The police are busy busting every single person with more than 4 cannabis plants guys. It is VERY important work, leave them be. The shootings, murders, car accidents, NOTHING is more important than getting that devils lettuce and those dirty hippies that smoke it off the RVA streets. 🙄

  10. Dead, injured by pharma, or they realized they could live off way less and didn’t need to work as hard as they were

  11. These guys had been warned by police prior to this. Not shocking and they deserve what they get.

  12. You think people deserve to go to prison for non violent “crimes” regarding a plant? A plant many use for medicine? You’re disgusting

  13. Nah, but probably for allowing mushrooms, lsd, dmt, infused alcohol with no license, doing fire spinning with no permit. "Cuddle Puddle" yurts for one of the owners and drugged young women doesnt help either. All things with their full knowledge. They were not helping the cannibis community in being accepted and fully legalized. At all. They cared ZERO for the community, just how much $$$ they could get.

  14. That's really sad to hear, I hate this for the cannabis community, and agree that those other things are not cool, at all. TY for explaining more, this gives insight to things I'm guessing many more didn't know about either. Fuck. Ugh. Fuck. 0/10 stars I hate this.... :(

  15. Haha next do the cannabis industry!! Welcome to Virginia! I moved here from Denver, don’t worry though, you’ll get used to the bs politics and weird laws, the people here are great and the beach is so close!

  16. Are you sure you’ve never ever ever seen anything past green perfect air quality in 12 years? Come on 🙄

  17. I’m from Denver, air quality checks were a daily thing for me, and often they were yellow. Maybe the altitude just seems weird he’s adamant he’s never seen several yellow

  18. I find it SUS AF that not one single image exists of a supposed huge octagon shaped object that traveled from montana to michigan lol.

  19. School districts don't really care about your disabled child, but they DO love the money the government gives them for every child they can pack into Special Education classrooms. (And that money doesn't go to Special Education either)

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