1. At C0, it would be Keqing then Qiqi. Keqing is really strong and fun at C0 due to aggravate especially if you have her with 4pc TF. And Qiqi as always just provides healing and some cryo application and we all know how cryo did not benefit much from the release of dendro.

  2. Shenhe's quills only last for 5/7 hits (tap/hold). Once you've used it up, it's gone on that character.

  3. something to consider, if you can snipe the sumeru gacha 4* sword then you could satisfy kazuhas ER need and put him on triple EM

  4. know what? I pulled on that weapon banner to specifically get that sword. After 1 PJC, 1 Amos and 1 Key and 5 Wandering Evenstars... I did not get even 1 Xiphos 😭😭😭

  5. Sakay ka ng Kabihasnan from SM Sucat then once nasa Kabihasnan ka na sakay ka ng Alabang Derecho, dadaan yun sa SM Center Las Piñas.

  6. Can someone please explain me how defense and defense shred works? I’m asking this since I actually run my main team with raiden (c2), nahida, Sara (c6) and sayu (just for heal and VV). I want to pull for nahida c2 to get her the 30% def shred, and doing so with raiden c2 they should ignore 90% of enemy defense. In this scenario the extra debuff from VV will become useless or its Res reduction is counted differently?

  7. If Kokomi and the Raiden Shogun had met before you finish the Inazuma archon quest, Raiden must have Musou no Hitotachied our poor fish to oblivion.

  8. You need to finish the Aranara questline. That area will be unlocked once you're at Aranyaka Part 3: Nursery of Lost Dreams quest.

  9. Because i think Kaveh wont scale off attack right?

  10. Kaveh would prefer EM if he would be triggering blooms in a purely bloom team and the free event claymore this patch, the Mailed Flower, would be good on him.

  11. For Ayaka ascension I have to defeat some boss that is underwater. Do I need to do a bunch of fighting and puzzles to get there?

  12. There is a shortcut on Jinren Island to get to that boss. Just find the portal above. It works like the portal to the abyss in Cape Oath.

  13. It's a good stat stick. However, keep in mind that Rosaria does not benefit from its 3rd passive.

  14. What specifically are you referring to?

  15. You could have buffed Xiangling's burst and skill if you swirled pyro first with Kazuha before using Xiangling. I see your Kazuha is on a crit build but he has C2 so he still has some EM. But I guess you're going for the pyro application from his burst.

  16. This is not a meta-slave run, Xiangling's damage is not what this post is about, it's about Nilou (this is Nilou Mains). I don't run Kazuha for his EM buffs, he's just here to swirl Pyro for Nilou.

  17. Unlikely,it's the same as expecting Xiao to come without Jade,Ganyu always comes back with Amos.

  18. Unlikely but it's still possible. Zhongli in his first rerun did not come with Vortex Vanquisher on the weapon banner and had a Staff of Homa on his trial.

  19. Kokomi is definitely better because of her AoE hydro application. You also don't have to be in circle impact as long as you have enough energy to use burst every rotation and use her as a driver.

  20. Now Timmie has to suffer more. Instead of you collecting the remains of the unalived pigeons, you just leave them there and Timmie has to stare at them for eternity.

  21. The Seamless Shield will unleash a Spiritvein to heal the active character(s) based on Baizhu's Max HP and attack opponents, dealing Dendro DMG under the following circumstances:

  22. Do u think its a good investment to lv90 Yaoyao? I currently have her at lv70/70 with lv6 talents. As far as i can see from leaks,

  23. Baizhu is a shielder, healer and buffer. If you plan to pull for him next patch, then you can skip levelling Yaoyao and save resources.

  24. On today's episode of poor teambuilding with Reddit....

  25. I've been clearing and 36 starring abyss ever since patch 1.1. Meta players nowadays...

  26. Just because it clears doesn't mean it can't be bad building or synergy. You could throw together a team of random characters with 0 synergy and still clear with enough skill and investment. Using buffs to get everyone in a team to like 300 EM vs actually building like 800-1000+ EM on someone to try and be the active trigger is a pretty big difference in damage, you can't deny that

  27. Ohh, I actually happen to also have a full EM build with Kokomi and Nahida but clearing an abyss chamber for 3 minutes or 30 seconds does not matter much since you're getting the same rewards either way.

  28. It's basically an Iron Sting with a more restrictive passive (albeit the same dmg bonus values) and higher base atk and lower EM . I'd not roll for it though since Iron Sting is free and it's easier to refine.

  29. Im trying to make Nilou as an on field dendro dps that triggers the core after reading Kaveh's burst can grant dendro infusion

  30. Kaveh's burst provides dendro infusion for himself, he's an on-field dps meant for bloom teams.

  31. If you finish the archon quest it is implied that Chlothar and Caribert are the corpse buried under the field so it is unlikely that the nobles wanted immortality.

  32. One body was said to be male and the other female. The male one was said to be Clothar. I assumed the female one was Caribert’s mother and that’s why Clothar acted so cagey when we asked what happened to her. I mean, one would assume she should have been a hilichurl too but maybe she died before the curse was put on them so she never transformed.

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