1. BTW what width of Tufo Thundero tires are you using? I'm also thinking about changing the tires.

  2. I have both 40mm and 44mm. I think the 40 is slightly faster on tarmac but the extra volume on the 44 is nice for off-road.

  3. This is not even a “sports car”🥹

  4. Yes it is sold out. You can go to t32 and try to join the waiting list (but unlikely). I'm just parking at lot M as a visitor. $8 before 4pm, $4 after 4pm.

  5. Thanks for your reply! I joined the waiting list for Lot M and I’m #735 on the list 🥲… Are you able to find parking in Lot M btw?

  6. Me too!(even worse) Cuz I am international, and I have also taken the MELD course for one year. So this is my third year(level 2🙃) at mac actually. But since most of the classes are online, the campus is even unfamiliar to me..

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