1. That will drive Right Wing Ron crazy. He hates Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

  2. I would imagine if they say it does, they would be telling the truth. What do their reviews look like? Many grey market dealers do sell watches with a full package including the warranty card. I know Prestige Time of NY provides their own warranty not the factory warranty card but that is likely a different dealer.

  3. A different dealer. The very high volume greys sometimes have agreements with the ADs that sell them watches out the back door that they won't pass on the warranty card as it would identify who is doing that back door selling to greys. They cover that with their own warranty. The problem is you are buying a watch without a complete package and that will cost you $1000-10,000 when you sell. I have seen some recent sales of several year old Day Dates that are $10-12k under market because they don't have original papers. Less expensive watches are a bit less important to have the papers. But if a vendor says they are passing on the warranty card I would believe them as they wouldn't be in business long if they lied about that fact.

  4. That should get him on an FBI terror watch list and close to the No Fly list.

  5. No don't touch them. Cobra has spent years working on the shaft kick points to get the gapping right. Starting in the F9s they got the gapping pretty good and the Radspeed are better as are the Speedzones and the LTDx are best. Just keep you spine angle the same as your 7 iron swing. That is why they are one length. Quit hunching over on your shorter irons.

  6. It could be any number or reasons, but the general lax attitude of law enforcement both at the police level as well as with the DA and courts sytem likely has a lot to do with it. When the rule of law breaks down people will take advantage.

  7. Is this a question or a statement? This is great info if true- I have been scouring web trying to try and verify this. I verified center is hot with circuit tester and outside legs are not hot but want to be certain. If you're stating this as fact, thank you!

  8. That is the best information I can find and it makes perfect sense. It is the only way to get two working fuses in a 3 legged configuration. If it was any other way when the fuse blew it could hurt two circuits not one.

  9. What state are you in? In most states and assuming the house was in the normal Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship, the title change is basically filing an affidavit of death of a joint tenant. That gets the house in your Mom's name and one half of the value of the house is stepped up to FMV for half the house on your Dad's date of death. You can get an appraisal or simply have a realtor friend write you a letter of value for the property as of that date.

  10. Thank you… She is in Washington so sounds like a win from the FMV perspective.

  11. Yes, the community property states get a real advantage on the death of a spouse. Now another thing to consider. How was the property titled. JTWROS or CP? The latter there is no Q that both halves are stepped up. JTWROS while married in a CP state? It is a question. I am most familar with Ca. There there is a statutory presumption that joint tenants between married people is in fact CP. So both halves get stepped up there. I am less certain about Tx but I believe there is a similar presumption there. You need to check in Washington if the deed said JTWROS.

  12. It was about to, but I saw that the female part of the head that mates with the adapter needs cleaning out. So it is off to have that done. Thank you for your interest. The 10.5 degree in both the Stealth HD and the Sim Max 2 HD are still available.

  13. It is going to be crowded in Snowden's Moscow apartment if they room all the American's together.

  14. well, it's about 25 years of my life in this job, years of service multiply by a factor in their exit equation. It appears to be what the market offers in my field based on what I hear from friends in similar position.

  15. That makes the decision tougher as you are older. Again the difference is whether your field and experience make finding a new comparable or better job without a problem. If you are a nuclear engineer I would take the transfer. If you are a construction engineer or mechanical engineer in a large industry I would take the package.

  16. If your field is a broad one (mechanical or civil or the like) I would look at taking the package. You should be able to find a good job in less than 3 months and be able to bank a good bit of the package or use it to fund part of an MBA or MS. You have excellent choices.

  17. If you contributed the same money to an IRA (assuming it meets limits) you can contribute to a 2023 IRA in early 2024. But not on a 401k.

  18. This will be an interesting 2 years. My wonder is whether the subjects of these requests will follow the longstanding GOP response to requests or subpoenas from House investigations and ignore them.

  19. You can avoid capital gains by losing money. So just sell it for less than your adjusted basis.

  20. I don't actually think there's a way of watching LIV Golf on TV here - you can watch it through their app but no UK channels carry it .

  21. I don't know of any US channels carrying it. Supposedly CW (whomever that is) carries it but they actually don't carry it showing reruns instead. I think CW has scammed the LIV tour.

  22. That's a taylor made club? It looks like the plastic ferrule broke off. If that's the case, it should be fine. But you might want to take it to a shop and have the shaft pulled, and a new ferrule and adapter installed.

  23. Normally there is no ferrule below the TM adapter. The adapter itself acts as the ferrule.

  24. You could rent an apartment and be a successful landlord with your first cash flowing property.

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