1. I love political debates its a great thing for people to do. Life is hard but thats the challenge. Write a book about your challenge and how you beat it daily.

  2. Continue to buy real estate from my crypto profits. Real estate is holding strong and rental income continues while everything is taking a massive dump.

  3. Locs are great and you can do so much with them. I put colored string twisted around random locs it last for a year, I love my locs.

  4. I like Shib and real estate im addicted to both like drugs and both have treated me well. I think Shib is special to me bought it over a year ago and still keep buying wont get rid of it. Its very hard not to sale it for real estate daily battle.

  5. don't you know SHIB is for day traders and HODLERS get used?

  6. The STEPN are new, got them all for 7 SOL…. So I’m up 5000$ right now 🖕

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