Found Out I Get to Be a Dad :) [OC]

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  1. To those saying "play the game for fun" getting whipped by people 15 levels higher with their stats maxed and starting elixir is bullshit. The matchmaking is a joke. Means it's massively unbalanced.

  2. That's why people pay money. It's supposed to be unbalanced.

  3. I would say my liberalism led me to libertarianism via this path

  4. Bro we're supposed to be teammates

  5. Tilt shift effect isn't an effect, it's a lens.

  6. So many people on this sub really seem to have never met children before. This is entirely plausible for a 4-year-old.

  7. I would argue it's mostly 4-year olds that say shit like this.

  8. I recently filmed the Emerald Cup for marketing and that stuff is very visual compared to some other actions of stoners.

  9. If no uncertainties at least we'll have a bunch of ideas. Thanks everyone! Found!

  10. I thought maybe they were for hanging bags but there's a literal bag hanger thing right below it. Maybe for paper bags or something?

  11. That looks like a delicious mess, but it probably does not make for good leftovers.

  12. it's extremely safe compared to other areas in the city. "Not at all" makes no sense if you look at the actual crime map.

  13. I sold our 2 Mavic Pro's and upgraded to the 3. Man, what a huge difference.

  14. What're the main differences you appreciate? Had the M2P for years and use mostly for real estate and music videos and events. Really eyeing that wider fov but looking for a little more to push me over the edge.

  15. This one is a tricky one but once you get it maaaaan is it butter. One of the few I find my fingers just dancing with. Keep going, you're almost there!

  16. Whatever you do, do not write to the card. Look up some lost file / deleted file recovery programs and try those.

  17. No not cheap, it's a solid SanDisk 256gb card I've had for a couple years. It seems as if the files just overwrote themselves.

  18. I see and it would seem as a firmware bug that overwrote some files by mistake. I would still try some recovery tool (usually it allows to see if the files are there for free, only asking money to actually restore them), but I wouldnt hope much.. Sorry

  19. Jesus Christ. This place looks so desperate.

  20. Appreciate the explanation, I didn’t realize 2nd was also considered a win in those stats.

  21. Anytime you win trophies I believe

  22. Need to crank that saturation back to reality a bit but otherwise gorgeous

  23. You're already bragging? Lol get ready to have your heart broken

  24. Yeah luckily nobody can have more than one screen name or venmo

  25. Easy on the jump cuts. Jesus Christ.

  26. That is the least unpopular opinion I’ve seen in a while

  27. Moved out of my hometown, basically.

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