1. And here I am sinking with the ship of wanting more fleet spaces. XD I wish they’d finally update to have more. So I can generally have a pre-made fleet per faction and 1-2 to generally change up per event.

  2. 31 year old here aswell. Except i’m brand new to the community and scene and such so i’m still learning to navigate it. XD

  3. Did anyone else use boxes as a sled to fly down their stairs (and into the wall at the bottom) or was the just me and my dumbass friends?

  4. For some reason, I could fly down stairs just by having long pants that allowed me to pull the bottom of the pants leg over my feet. For some reason I guess exposed feet was the thing that prevented me from just flying down staircases. <.<

  5. I've been meaning to try the fire emblem warrior games, how are those?

  6. Take this with a grain of salt but I think they both (FEW and FE3H) have major strengths and weaknesses. For diverse movesets, ease of control, and generally quality of life features, I think Fire Emblem Warriors is one of the best musous I have ever personally played. I was obsessed with it to the point of nearly mastering the 3ds version, then remastering it for the switch. Honestly it’s biggest failing to most people is it’s roster focusing only on the ds era FE games. That never personally bothered me. My biggest gripe was just how weak the story was.

  7. The creatures from the Alien movies are basically put together from old rolls Royce car parts & condoms

  8. I need to look into this. That’s fascinating as hell. XD

  9. Young Sherry, William Birkin, Annette Birkin, Chief Irons, and Marvin the police officer in no particular order

  10. You must’ve loved those kendo cut mods. XP

  11. I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't seen it... until now!

  12. I don’t have a pc, so I would’ve been in your boat had I not watched a youtuber (Bawkbasoup) play through it. :3

  13. I’m on your boat. As a RE series, it’s bad. But watching it from the pov that it’s just a zombie story, I find myself enjoying way more than I anticipated

  14. Would it be weird to ask for a picture of the materia up close? X3

  15. Oh wow, I didn’t realize they removed the gender lock on that top. Nice! And great glamour. o/

  16. Sad part is, i’ve watched the first four episodes…. gotta say… As an RE fan, it’s terrible. But if I separate it into something else, I actually am enjoying it.

  17. Neither. Cloud is a super human due to the mako and Tifa has plenty of support materia.

  18. It’s a funny thought but let’s not kid ourselves, Vecna would wipe the floor with literally anyone one on one. It took attacks from three different fronts (Russia to weaken him, El to fight him mentally with the trio attacking him physically) and he still wouldn’t die. He would annihilate Erica. XD

  19. I only ever change Red XIII to Nanaki and Aeris to Aerith. 7 is just one of those games I can’t bring myself to have them with any name other than their own. X3

  20. Wait, what? Tell me more right now! Please. XD

  21. Currently Nothing Left by Rain City Drive.

  22. Ahhh, I gotcha. My only mmo has always been Final Fantasy XIV. I know not the runescapes!

  23. Ooooo well it’s way less exciting then that game haha but I love it, I played as a teen

  24. That’s understandable. So many of my top favorite games of all time were games that I played growing up, so I get it.

  25. I’m crazy but I would drop the price of this game for all kinds of dlc. Not just for characters, but for modes outside of story. Imagine if Koei let you do a Dynasty Warriors Empire type mode, with Fodlan all mapped out, and letting you use any characters unrestricted together.

  26. Eric Kripke deserves a whole lot a credit and recognition at this point. He's adapted the source material and turned it into its own in a way that works so well for this version of The Boys. Honestly, Kripke>>>D&D.

  27. Sorry for the dumb question, but what is D&D?

  28. D.B. Weiss and David Benioff. The showrunners for HBO's Game of Thrones.

  29. Ohhhh, having never seen GoT, and my nonexistent grasp of acronyms, I don’t feel as bad now for it flying over my head. Thank you!

  30. And the one who designed the Zenobia and her sister ships in REvelations.

  31. Ashley is who I am unironically looking forward to seeing the most in the RE4make. I actually liked her in 4 and will be interested to see how they change her up.

  32. Honestly, i’m really waiting on that Ever Crisis to drop. A shame it’s not on consoles, because the idea of the entire compilation in one game sounds so good. @[email protected] <- Is completely not hyped about the remake part 2 due to the lack of a ps5. XS

  33. The world always needs more Aerith cosplays. Thank you for sharing!

  34. I agree! You can never have enough Aerith cosplays 😌

  35. I would say how it’s unfortunate that the best girl gets shafted in the 7 cosplay department, but then I remember Yuffie cosplayers. XD

  36. Shamir is in. The OC didn't talk about Shamir because she's just given to you in the demo on Golden Wildfire in Chapter 4.

  37. Oh! I did not know this! This is most exciting news! Thank you for informing me!

  38. She is my absolute favorite in TH, so this has me so incredibly happy.

  39. As someone who loved all 4 seasons of Castlevania (barring my disdain on how Hector was handled), I cannot wait to see how they handle the spin off series. You’re my boy Richter!

  40. Lucy. But that’s just because you look like a young Lucy Lawless from Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

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