1. I had something similar when I set up mine. It was a simple errant keystroke in the form. Completely my fault. All you can do is wait it out and resubmit. This is certainly a frustrating time, but at this point there isn't really anything you can do. Even if you reach a human in customer support, they will be unable to help you since it is a specific department that handles this data and they cannot interfere with the review process.

  2. Thank you, and hopefully its resolved ASAP i have so many more things i want to sell

  3. Yes but mercari would most likely be notified that the package was received and would probably rebill you

  4. Nope, once it's cancelled and you've been refunded that's a done deal with Mercari. They will pay the seller if they are notified of delivery. Mercari won't follow tracking on a cancelled number.

  5. the refund will go back to ur card if u paid with paypal or a normal debit,credit card

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