1. Off topic, why does the woman on the right look like James Charles

  2. I am afraid for her if she gets somehow with elon musk, but at least he will make her remove the bbl for real

  3. Unpopular, maybe, but I don’t think their relationship was ever that serious.

  4. Agreed. She got surgery to attain an hourglass figure but she is a natural pear shape. She always had wider hips than that. They were never that narrow like In the photos on the right. She had a more similar body shape to Kourtney back in the day, who is also a natural pear shape.

  5. Nah she wasn t a pear she is one. Her shoulders were slightly wider than her hips which puts her on the top hourglass figure not bottom hourglass figure. It is about the shoulders not bust.

  6. Kim wasn't that shapeless tho. She had a lil bit of hips, not very wide, but still had a hourglass figure. Now she is a pear

  7. They just look like normal feet to me. Not all of us can have dainty little feet. I use to always be self conscious about my 7 1/2 size, because my best friend wore a size 5. So shoe shopping with her always made me self conscious. I understand ripping at Kim for her plastic surgery, lies, and stuff. But the feet thing is kinda a low blow. Her feet are apparently a size 7 from google. Which is around the average.

  8. Yeah but she is 5ft2 and isn't size 7 equivalent to 39 in europe? That would be a lil over average for her height but i think her feet looks normal.

  9. I think it’s metabolism, when you crash diet your body goes into starvation mode thinking that there’s going to be a long period of no energy (food) so it slows down calorie burning out of panic, but then if you binge and eat high calorie food all of sudden the body is not ready to break it down so stores it.

  10. Ateast kendall got prettier after surgery, Emrata before and after is fugly. Never understood why she became a model.

  11. Probably for food poisoning and not from the wafers

  12. If i put only onion, tomato and cucumber, it won t reach 1000 kcal i hope. I always thought salade was low calorie

  13. But onion, tomato, and cucumber isn't a healthy meal either... You need some protein in there, 100 calories at most of vegetables is just a little snack basically

  14. She doesn’t look 5’7 to me, 5’5 if anything

  15. she is 5ft7 but i can see a 5ft6 close to 5ft7. She looks her height next to others but just she doesn t have a lot of vertical

  16. Wait really? At what age did she get those procedures? I remember seeing her before she got popular and she looked like this

  17. It’s normal to get cravings at night but eat more calories 1200 is not even enough for a small toddler to survive if you want to lose weight eat 400 calories less than maintenance but never as low as 1200 minimum I would recommend anyone to eat is 1500 while cutting

  18. This is not Kylie’s brand no matter how hard they try. Should have let Khloe go this route regardless of Tristan’s tomfoolery tbh

  19. Not really sure where to start with typing Anya (however with the right outfits she definitely looks apart of the yang spectrum) but that first dress is not helping her. Her head also looks a little too big in the first pic, which does NOT help her vertical line. In the fourth and eighth pic however, she looks stunning.

  20. It is just the can see in the third pic that her head is size is normal. Also, head size isn t relevant at all.

  21. Doesn't her mother think these are alarming??? Or at least the school guidance counselor

  22. as i remember, it is not the first time she draws this type of stuff. It may be just her style, but also smth deeper

  23. Even if Kimothys newest weight loss was natural (assuming it is because she likely had lipo in the past and after lipo - say on the stomach, any new fat migrates somewhere else first ie thighs and butt and notice kim always has a completely flat stomach)

  24. In the 2nd pic i think she wore a corset tho that is why waist is that small. But yeah she has the bbl

  25. I thought about buying a wig like those of the celebs, but i don t have the money at the moment so i have to do school i was ashamed of showing my hair and i always had to cover with smth, but people asked me always why i do that and i am tired of it. Since i noticed my issue, i never put product in my hair again, i never straightened it again, not even using blow dryier. I cut it as well, but nothing changed.

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