1. What random rank a? Werent like half of the squad rank a on the b squad?

  2. Well since s ranks are in limited supply, they gotta make do with what they have. Since they have measuring devices, the b squad would never be intentionally sent into a dungeon they couldn't handle like the orc dungeon

  3. Here's Zoro using an attack that didn't cut his opponents. I guess he's not a swordsman.

  4. Lmao. The new cope with you Shankstards is that if Shanks doesn't cut anything, then he's not a swordsman, which is why I showed you an example of Zoro, a swordsman, attacking with without actually cutting his opponents. Are you gonna say he's not a swordsman too?

  5. Zoro’s attack was just to get rid of the fodders while shanks one was to kill a fucking supernovas that killed big mom. If shanks was actually a pure swordsman he would just cut kid. You’ll never see zoro using an attack that doesn’t cut against a serious opponent

  6. Mihawk has black blade and clairvoyant epiphet so Haki goes to him too. Haki can also be used defensively so defense too.

  7. Who says that black blade = haki tough? Roger didn’t have, xebec didn’t, wb didn’t

  8. If your "analysis" is true why are or were they considered rivals? They re somehow equals even if shanks is slightly stronger or viceversa

  9. As long as you have a rayray, that's all that matters!

  10. Before you could get one reverse holo per pack + 1 rare Now you can have 2 reverse holo+ 1 rare so there is more chance to get trainer galleries

  11. Oooh nice. Do we get one less common card now then or something? I also heard that there are no regular rates anymore, is that true?

  12. I appreciate the advice. My husband and I just started collecting again for nostalgia’s sake this month. We’ve both been very lucky in our pulls though and are looking into our options for protecting the cards. This is just a temporary solution for us.

  13. Well, the starters promo are always worth, especially the gen 1 ones. Probably have a better value than v cards

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