1. EternalWindTWR’s Wrathful Ronin build is good. I use a variation of it myself and I love it. Much more fun and engaging than the meta build I was using.

  2. Oh wait it actually is healing spirit radius that I have on. Haven’t been on in so long I thought I had oni damage cos that’s usually the go to. But nah you’re right healing spirit radius is a must for this

  3. You have to know what you’re doing to play hunter to that level. That being said, maturing is realising there’s more to this game than just DPS meta builds. Play how you want; don’t be mad if I leave because I don’t wanna play with a dps hunter as a super strike SAD assassin.

  4. What are those effects on your blade? Are those the cosmetic ones that you can buy from the shop? Or are those another particular ones?

  5. The smoke vfx. Forgot how to unlock it but you can check in your character’s appearance

  6. Yeah I know that but j didn't know that it did the effect for light attacks finishers, or does it go off for heavy attacks too?

  7. Definitely, me as well. And i rolled poison blade on my katana as the 2nd perk, which is kinda meh

  8. Poison blade is pretty good. Deadly nightshade makes it better but I still use it on my ronin and samurai for staggering enemies, which helps since I don’t multi-stance. I can get so much more damage in while they’re stunned than if I have to worry more about dodging unblockables. Definitely a go to for me

  9. Is there something new in the game because i dont remember having anything that shot 4 kunai at a time.

  10. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Finally managed to roll poison blade. The tweaks I’ve made are:

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