1. The worst thing a sample can do is ruin your enjoyment of the original song, and that's exactly what this song does

  2. the Hebrew text says "flag of palestine" in case anyone is wondering

  3. The idea in, the Tolkien-verse, of an elf-dwarf romantic pairing is so ridiculous as to be laughable

  4. nice to see the two flags flying together for a united purpose

  5. damn, even in Alaska we cant catch a break

  6. "lecturer, feminist, suffragist, reformer,"

  7. Nothing new for Russia here

  8. this is simply not true, Judaism has been monotheistic since at least the beginning of the second temple period in the sixth century BC, but likely earlier during the first temple period.

  9. The desert and wasteland shall rejoice over them, and the plain shall rejoice and shall blossom like a rose. It shall blossom and rejoice, even to rejoice and to sing; the glory of the Lebanon has been given to her, the beauty of the Karmel and the Sharon; they shall see the glory of the Lord, the beauty of our God - Yeshayahu 35

  10. imagine unironically portraying Stalin as worse than Hitler lolololo

  11. the Lenin L'oreal one goes hard

  12. Chanukkah is a holiday about the Jewish people regaining control of the land of Israel through military victory from foreign nations who held it from us. What do they think it's about?

  13. Kinda says all you need to know about OP's political views

  14. not really, Stalin and Mao are there also

  15. the god of evil and his army of dark creatures fought the rest of the gods and their armies.

  16. Two shows about how religious Judaism is repressive and evil. Lovely, netflix.

  17. I really like the flags with the shahada, the regiment standard, and the naval jack. Cool flags!

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