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  1. Yep I'm switching to Newcastle/seer because of the nerfs

  2. Well, I dont think they are that bad, and just looked awful on paper but I also think Newcastle is lots of fun so enjoy the season!

  3. Wow I respect the honesty. Thought for sure I was going to listen to the soundtrack of the internet

  4. I would love to have a paranormal/supernatural reading buddy

  5. I love the lack of context and providing absolutely no reason

  6. Vi’s cool, she is the Chosen One who must save the world from evil. She has trouble with socializing though (very closed off.)

  7. Unfortunately, if Vi and Jinx want to get back together, they will each have to fight their way through the 7 dungeons and then defeat Ganon.

  8. I like to play loyal alpha legion cause why minddfuckery 😎

  9. Just a tip, cause this is reddit - /s is extremely important to leave on sarcastic posts because tone is hard to decipher

  10. I believe in God as a Christian and I fucking hate Christians sometimes lmao

  11. Looking forward to the sniper ammo switch on s14? Your opponents are.

  12. This one’s pretty universally loved by the community

  13. Yeah the op of the post gathered a couple of friends and raided the hotel and one of his friends got shot, for more info click here —->

  14. Wow what an amazing article. I'm surprised they managed to get that many details from the culprit

  15. Unexpected Monty Python references are the best

  16. I thought that when I first watched the show when it dropped last November. I was probably one of the only people who was like “fuck yea, finally”

  17. The G7 is coming out and the spitfire is now light ammo, and the rampage is going to the care pack. Heavy is also losing the wingman. I almost feel like they balanced it too far, they should have kept the spitfire heavy imo because now there’s going to be more competition for light ammo while heavy has lost 3 guns

  18. Whats going into the replicator and is there a place I can see the changes being made?

  19. Stop stop stop. Do we know that these are just the bad motorcyclists? Aren't there other motorcyclists in that city?

  20. All your bayse are belong to them

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