it's unprofessional to wear a bathing suit (wholesome)

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I needed this today


  2. You guys should join, fun server! (Just had a reset so people are looking for kingdoms to join)

  3. I live in europe and I was also astonished when I saw it (played a flag game where you have to guess the colors on the flag)

  4. piss bar would be kinda funny ngl

  5. Piss and shit and cum bar😳😳😳😳😳

  6. You are thinking of mcMMO, which is a very common server plugin but not a mod

  7. Good to know! Right now we're aiming for release around September - November, it all depends on how many people join the team, maybe it will be sooner if lots of people join the team

  8. This is a quite clever reference to the highly specific and circumstantially unfunny meme you posted to

  9. It's the one thing I have to give absolute props to either God or evolution. The ability to make holding a loud, smelly, unproductive, barely communicative object be the absolute pinnacle of positive emotion when it makes zero logical sense.

  10. i mean evolutionary, its a drive to take care of it. you wouldn't want to care for the loud, smelly, unproductive, barely communicative object if you didn't feel love for it first yknow

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