1. Sitting here in my apartment getting ready for work without her leaves such an empty feeling. I feel for you all

  2. I’d say this is pretty spot on. Klutch is good but machine trimmed and you can tell. BR is probably the most consistent all around (flower, edibles, concentrates), certified and galenas tend to always hit good. For concentrates, wellspring fields and fireland are the best. never touch hon products. Vapen isn’t the best either but can be found cheap

  3. Yeah apparently the discounts there were giving out at the show wernt honored at their dispensary.

  4. I placed an order at Herbology and got 25% off think it had to be a Klutch product but sorry to hear you didn’t get a discount

  5. In my opinion Woodward looks like a 10 smells like a 10 and smokes like a 6. I’ll buy here and there but would much rather CC or Klutch. Hope you enjoy!

  6. i paid less than $60 for one at herbology cuyahoga falls

  7. Body and Mind Elyria does buy 2 get 10% off and every Wednesday it’s 15% all concentrates which includes the luster pods (ment to reply to post lol)

  8. Exactly lol they claiming 710 and such are over hyped brands just ripping people off lol

  9. ... idk where you got lost but I was referring to the prices that the producers and cultivators charge the dispensaries and the price gouging that is then passed on to us, not to mention the literal price gouging some dispensaries do because they dominate their local market since the next closest dispensary is a 30+ minute drive. It is absolutely ridiculous to charge nearly 100$ for under a gram of concentrate pre-tax, no matter what. Weed does NOT cost that much to grow and concentrates do not cost that much to make.

  10. Basically it’s all the Board of Pharmacy’s fault for having it so regulated and controlled here

  11. Simply said better quality means higher price idk how that’s hard to get. That’s why BMW and Mercedes are 2x the price of Kias, Hyundai because of the quality. I’m no rich guy here I shop all the deals when I can but I personally would prefer to spend a little extra for a better experience and that’s why I said everyone is different. If you like the cheaper products than all means save the bread and get stoned. It goes further than just getting high for me

  12. Don’t waste your money on shake lol.. I mean do what you want obviously but if your gonna spend money why not get the best of it?

  13. Haha. Yeah. I would love to buy buds all day. But I have a limited income. On the street, I could get a half of bud for 100. But dude didn’t have much of a selection. Kind of get what they got. Somehow I gotta find something similar at the 130 price mark. Sorry. Still very new to the dispensary game. I’ve found this sub to be a great resource.

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