1. If only you could apologize to the person you disrespected. That was just embarrassing for you.

  2. I apologize to the moderator for breaking the rules. I’m not apologizing to you, because you done deserve it. And no, I’m not embarrassed. But you should be…although, I don’t think you have the capacity.

  3. Ok and people get to not work shit jobs. Why are you even in this sub if you just want shit to stay like it is? Lots of shit has just been accepted that should have been trashed YEARS ago.

  4. Because I choose to work, even the jobs I don’t “want to” and I take the money, invest it, and focus on retirement rather than waiting for some lazy ass politician to do something for me. You don’t want to work a shit job? Don’t work it! Sit at home and collect gov benefits. Meanwhile I’ll do your job if you and take the money and retire and travel while you’re picketing at some rally that isn’t going to change anything. Good luck!

  5. Lol or I can work another job that isn't shit like I currently am and still support changing the system instead of trying to make people that are just trying to get through life the problem.

  6. I think I can go to the grocery store and get a six pack of angry orchard for the same price as their two, then fry my own pickles for about $3 and spend $4-$6 on artichoke dip and have the same good time for a fraction of the cost…

  7. I honestly cannot fathom why Americans hate having money, healthcare and free time so much. Why don't they vote someone like Bernie in hopes he helps them. And before you guys say propaganda... I get it but still, they are in poverty and one man basically says "die poor" and the other "I'll double your wage" and they still vote the first and then complain and die. Even a mushroom shows better self perseverance than that.

  8. Even if you doubled most peoples wages, they still wouldn’t be happy. They would find something to complain about.

  9. If I had 30k to spend on whatever…I’d buy a boat, a truck, an investment…not a facial…

  10. In capitalism the workers must suffer for the good of the rich. This is capitalism 101.

  11. That’s socialism…the people work for the government. The government gets all the control and all of the spoils…

  12. Lol, so you don’t live in an area where the average home price is $700K for a three bedroom 1300 sq ft home and a 2bd/2ba rental goes for more than $2500…. His advice is not feasible in large swathes of the US.

  13. Actually it’s feasible for more areas of the US (most areas of the US are rural). So, no I don’t live in a big city and he’s not really catering to “big city folk” as he would say. He’s catering to the majority (geographically speaking) of the US.

  14. Where exactly are most jobs located? 20% of the US population lives rural but only 13% of jobs are found rurally…

  15. There’s plenty of jobs where I live. Lots of trades. Hospital is looking for administrative and medical professionals. Pay is plenty good for living up here.(Central Sierra Nevadas)

  16. Yes, God killed all the sinners…didn’t kill any innocent babies…read the bible

  17. Wow, this dude seems a little entitled. If I’m getting something for free, I’m thankful for it. Don’t whine and complain that what your getting for free isn’t top shelf.

  18. Would it be racist if they were in black Americans? I have 2 very close friends who were permanently damaged from the Pfizer vaccine.

  19. I doubt that. You have TWO friends who just so happened to be "permanently damaged" by the Pfizer vaccine?

  20. Fuck you you piece of shit. Sorry, I should clarify one is a close friend and the other is more of an acquaintance. But you’re right no one has ever been fucked up from a vaccine before. You worthless piece of a shit. You have not sympathy or understanding for others…at least, as long as it doesn’t conflict with your narrative.

  21. Corporate greed? What an idiot. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the bird flu

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