AITA for leaving my husband for a Christmas trip to Hawaii with our kids

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  1. Well yeah, like finding camilla. But this one isn't a novel, I just forgot the proper word.

  2. You posted this yesterday? Why do you care so much, he isn't required to show you anything

  3. This is actually the third time she posted.. don't really know what she is hoping for. If he doesn't want to show it, he doesn't need to. And he also doesn't need to justify himself. Girl, move on

  4. In Germany we have a saying "Aufgewärmt schmeckt nur Gulasch" which more or less means "Only goulash tastes good when warmed up".

  5. I think he still looks good in both. There were worst catfishes out there like Dominique or Kobe

  6. You really shouldn't be basing your judgement on a 'probably' that you have no idea if it's actually true or not

  7. Well and people shouldn't assume it's his money just because he is the man. They are married, so one way or another, it IS their money

  8. You don't know that. Op literally hasn't said a single word about their finances.

  9. Don't get married first and see where it goes after - that sounds like a recipe for desaster! I'm also think the story would sound very different from his perspective. Because basically what you are saying is that you want him to change everything according to your plan and where you want to go, but you are unwilling to make some sacrifices yourself. You absolutely don't want to move for him while you want him to move for you. I get that both of your parents are in your country but that does not mean he wants to be there as well. I suggest you try to have an open discussion about it and if you can't both make compromises, go your separate ways. But safe everyone the trouble of going through a divorce

  10. And I can't believe answers like this. Where is the compassion? He lost his dad and she lost her husband. And actually, you could say the same about her that she would rather be with her dad than her husband.

  11. Also what kind of advice is that? Why should he sell is ticket or let the friend sell hers to give it to the gf. I'm sorry but at some point, one has to deal with their insecurities themselves. You can't expect everyone in your life to shape their life's around your insecurities. It's not an ex, it's a friend and They are not going alone together but with his brother. I think you have to trust your partner on this to have a fun evening without doing anything stupid. Also couples don't have to do everything together.

  12. Yes💀 Are you German, by any chance?

  13. Sure, let's ignore all the red flags leading up to the kiss and act like it's fine if Jason initiated it 🚩

  14. I wish he would come back as someone the MC can date. But only him, not the whole gang 😂

  15. hate to break it to you but we kinda have to betray the four of them (starting with Dare, too) and they put us in the box

  16. I just played the intro that is available for everyone. I'm intrigued but also see a lot of heartbreak in the future for MC. Can't wait for the CPs

  17. Do you know what their story is yet?

  18. The first dialog is free for everyone. If you click on them, you'll match and see the first conversation. It's about

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