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  1. Bullshit. People are sheep with little to no interest in actual politics or solutions so it is easy to control folks with cult of personality and sound bites. If VOTERS actually voted out the corporate shills government would be a very different place.

  2. The whole thing is such a racket. I want to go back to the times when goods & services were bartered. I guarantee I could make a decent living selling handmade crafts and baked goods instead of toiling away at a soul-crushing 9-5.

  3. There's a story in the Irobot book where that happens, sort of at least. Essentially we make an AI, we use that one to help us make a better one, repeat that cycle a few times then put the last one in charge of us.

  4. If you haven't read The Last Question by Isaac Asimov it's along the same lines and is amazing. Here's Leonard Nemoy narrating it.

  5. I can only imagine she needs remote work to babysit and stay in the pool.

  6. Pshhh where’s your loyalty? /s

  7. Agree but I mean, is there reason to think that Charles Schwab specifically also did something dumb and not, e.g. Blackrock whose shares are up? Or are people panicking and semi-randomly picking financial institutions to freak out about?

  8. If they are allowed to do dumb stuff for the sake of making more money, assume they will do that dumb stuff.

  9. There's actually a formula called, "the reverse Cramer."

  10. This is how capitalism SHOULD work. Invest in things you believe in, and if they fail, then they fail. You, as an investor, were wrong and will not be bailed out.

  11. I find that I’m thankful for people putting their pronouns on shit all the time. Our proposals start with Mr. … or Ms. … etc and some of yall got some androgynous ass names.

  12. As a middle aged white guy with a goatee. I'm constantly amazed at the conversations that other white folk will strike up with me out in public. People I have never met before will just casually drop shit like that. Or whatever rage of the day theyre on..... converting gas stoves is coded language for transitioning them. And theyll be unsafe to leave in a library?... Or something like that?

  13. I'm more on the mousetrap side of things, I go through a lot of effort to not really understand the actual outcomes of my actions.

  14. So? Our ancestors ate stuff like this all the time. That is how we evolved into the creatures that we are at the top of the food chain.

  15. There was nothing that the trump team did that could lead me to believe that they are capable of this.

  16. reminds me of the Tesla driver with the right of way that decided to stop in the middle of the fucking road to let me turn into the direction he came from... It was a main road and he had right of way, there was 0 reason to stop and wink me through. How can you own such an expensive car and be confused by the most basic traffic rules?!?

  17. It looks dark and there’s alcohol everywhere. I, too, look stunning in the dark to drunk people.

  18. it’s kinda fucked up how this kid was/is being abused by her methed-out hog-like mother and they both became famous reality tv personalities because of it. Between Honey Boo Boo and 19 Kids & Counting, TLC is a real piece of shit.

  19. Happened in SD not long after I moved there, Chargers wanted a new Stadium, the City told them to fuck off, and they decided to leave to LA after loudly threatening they would do so. Jokes on them because they now gotta share a stadium. They woulda been fine if they were just satisfied with what they already had

  20. AOC is literally the biggest moron out there. She is literally killing jobs and job growth. No wonder why people are leaving New York in droves.

  21. Every "Mainstream Collectable" becomes worthless eventually as its market collapses.

  22. It didn't seem to hurt NE for the longest time, I think the football gods are fickle.

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