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  1. Two tracks for a train are worthless if they go nowhere. Better to lay one that has a destination, than two going in circles.

  2. Yaknow this is so smart it loops back around to being stupid. A track with one rail, even if it's to a destination, is likely gunna crash and cause injury/death. Meanwhile, a track going in a circle, depending on the size, actually could be useful for transport among distant groups.

  3. I see your point, but I think there was a miscommunication.

  4. There's no proof, but that doesn't mean there's no evidence.

  5. There isn't. There is only evidence that they're accused of more, arrested more, and convicted more. There's no evidence that they commit more.

  6. Reminder: Freedom of religion, to practice in private or in public, in solitude or in association with others, is a fundamental human right. And like all human rights, it cannot be used to justify restricting other HRs, and other HRs cannot be used to restrict it.

  7. God would be both omnibenevolent and omniscient, so all of his actions would be both fully 'good', and he would have full knowledge of what is and isn't good or bad.

  8. Abortion is always ethically 100% not wrong. Even at a would-be delivery, it's ok to terminate the pregnancy. Immediately after delivering the baby, though, it's murder. There's no grey area.

  9. I don't support any law focused around abortion. No laws supporting it, no laws against it.

  10. Those who are not geologists cannot be expected to identify rocks.

  11. And this my friends is why fairness isn't a good metric to determine how good tax policy is.

  12. And like all moral questions, "fair" is largely subjective.

  13. _Tal says:

    You just said “you can condemn it just fine, but you should never condemn it.”

  14. Disagreement is different than condemnation. Condemnation suggests that those being condemned should face some form of punishment; disagreement is simply not personally supporting it.

  15. _Tal says:

    A peaceful protest can absolutely be condemned. You have the right to peacefully protest for any reason, yes. But that does not include the right to be free from criticism for your actions. It’s entirely valid and consistent to think someone has the legal right to do something and still condemn them for doing it.

  16. Like I said: You can disagree with it and criticize it just fine. But we should never be condemning people for exercising their human rights.

  17. They cant be, sadly we havent gotten an anwser cause it's Hard to look deeper on a scale level.

  18. Yeah I understand now, I thought you we're saying you we're certain in that there was a diety doing that.

  19. So wait, when did Ymir create the other intelligent Titans then?

  20. Wait, who is gross and who is grice?

  21. Gross is the sadist Marleyan, the one who sicced dogs on Grisha's sister.

  22. Everything happens for a reason. I can’t prove this is wrong, but I have a suspicion.

  23. I personally find that many critiques of this happen under the assumption that the reason is supposed to be something good, something likeable.

  24. That's what I thought! That girl has the eyes of the AoT S4 Eren poster.

  25. I have to ask: Why does it become harder to watch more than one episode? Is it just because there's too much else going on or something?

  26. Would Anakin consider C3-PO his heir though? And, even if he did, would the mandalorians?

  27. I said Mandalorians, not midichlorians.

  28. Curious how many more sets are like that within the game. Possibly the 3 springs or the 3 labyrinths

  29. Right, so you don’t identify as a member of the LGBT community. It’s not about the specific qualities or actions, but about how an individual identifies. That’s what I’ve been saying this whole time.

  30. But... I literally just said it's about the qualities. The qualities specific to the LGBT community are what make someone part of it, lacking those qualities means they aren't. Are you being intentionally obtuse?

  31. But as we laid out it’s not about the qualities, it’s about the identity. You’re acting like these things are hard factual qualities about a person when in fact they are all identities. Someone who has never had sex with the same sex can still be gay. Someone who has had sex with a member of the same sex can still be straight, what matters is how they identify. It’s literally the same thing as race

  32. But being gay is a defining quality. If you aren't gay, or any other of the defining qualities of what it means to be LGBT, then LGBT isn't for you.

  33. Yeah, this is why I am the most bland person IRL. I wear a bomber jacket, plain t, jeans, and converse. I have no tattoos and a simple 1950s style haircut. I use iPhone with a black case and eat plain chip. I also drive a car with no bumper stickers.

  34. Do you realize that women can be misogynistic?

  35. The concept of "internalized hate" is unfalsifiable, making it irrelevant.

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