1. Banner said that because he couldn't control Hulk, and sex would inadvertently trigger the Hulk reaction because of heart rate and something.

  2. It's fair to assume OP was referring to people who are respectful in their preferences.

  3. And the women who are respectfully turning down men they don't like are being ridiculed and berated by incels.

  4. Yes.... The people who, as I already addressed, aren't being respectful. And as such, fair to assume not the people OP was talking about.

  5. The word "Islamophobia" has lost most of its meaning. Its being used way too much by people who just want to shut the other side up because they can't think of any arguments against what the other person/group is saying.

  6. “You’re being emotional, Lya. And only because you can’t think of any rational objections.”

  7. Heavily religious people shouldn’t be allowed in high levels of government/legislation

  8. Sure, but if it's a linear progression, and Yoda is like 90 and dying from old age, Grogu is currently like 5 and should probably be talking.

  9. That's assuming something linear in proportion to human aging. If Yoda being 900 is approximate to a human being 90, the 50 year old Grogu would indeed be a 5 year old.

  10. You only said linear progression. You didn't include with regard to human aging.

  11. I mean, they did have their capitals destroyed in the first movie. Not sure about calling it a "resistance" in TFA, but it fits well enough in the later sequels.

  12. Well yeah, because they were European and everyone knows that all Europeans are enlightened superhumans.

  13. Just more evidence that the best way to defeat hate is not to silence it, you have to reach out to it.

  14. Is it that he watched a movie, and Jonah Hill was watching the movie with him? Or that he watched a movie with Jonah Hill in it?

  15. My understanding is he watched a movie starring Jonah, specifically 21 jump street, and realized Jews aren’t evil.

  16. That's what I figured. I was confused by your comment, because I think of "reach out" as being more in line with the former interpretation. Thank you.

  17. A week is already considerate. Inconsiderate is talking about it the day of.

  18. Lads, I think this is going to come down to a "Long Island vs Philadelphia" brawl.

  19. Don't forget being baked alive to determine how much of the body is water.

  20. Ironically my comment is listed "deleted." Funny, how making an "unpopular." opinion, on the Unpopular Opinion sub can have mods deleting comments lol. Guess the truth really hurt them that time.

  21. If it's at all possible, would you mind DM'ing me the text of it? I always appreciate a good murder by words.

  22. Ah, teenagers with their first beard. 95% of the time they look horrible, yet the teens that grow them think they look great 100% of the time.

  23. I had a short chinstrap, looked horrible. Still preferred it to how I looked shaven.

  24. You don't pay until the end of the meal. No one asks up front 'are you going to tip me'. How would they know to ruin the meal or not??

  25. Online tipping for food delivery services. If you don't give a good tip online when paying, they tend to mess up your food on the ride over.

  26. I'll take ground beef over political beef any day, my grey brother.

  27. That kid living through the night is the only criticism I got. But if Boba can survive a Sarlaac, baby Mando can survive a dinosaur

  28. To me, it seemed like the pterodactyl thing purposefully didn't eat the child, because it was going to feed it to its babies.

  29. Yeah, I get that Mandalorians have close bonds so I guess he probably wasn’t lonely, but it still seems like a weird way to grow up.

  30. And to be fair, the Mandalorian helmets are like the clones in terms of individuality. True, they all may have the same base features, but personalized quite a bit.

  31. By modern standards of ethics, they are all bad. No if ands or buts about it. Except for maybe Hestia only for a lack of stories, and maybe some minor gods or goddesses for the same reason.

  32. From the two stories I know of Hestia, she's absolutely good by modern standards.

  33. Different tellings, maybe? I've heard some places say he stole it from under her nose, some say she turned a blind eye, some say she helped him more directly.

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