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  1. I am the worlds best Alf impersonator. It’s uncanny. I wish I was joking.

  2. you should get on Cameo. record people's voicemail messages and stuff

  3. Best Portland movie is Drugstore Cowboy. Was disappointed to find out Matt Dillon's flophouse at the end of the movie where he has the scenes with William S. Burroughs no longer exists. This is a great site with the filming locations if you are as much of a fan of the movie as I am and want to check them out.

  4. My stepdad used to be a sheep rancher in Wyoming. He tells me one time, he was out herding sheep in the middle of fucking no where, alone, on a hot day. A car comes down the dirt road. Stops. Rolls down it's window. It's no shit Tommy Lee Fucking Jones himself. He says to my step-dad "You look like you need a beer.",

  5. Somehow I want to believe this so I’m going to

  6. Portland, most people will be nice to you and nobody wants to be your friend.

  7. I must be completely the wrong audience but I never ever found that skit funny. I wanted to, but just couldn’t get the appeal.

  8. I couldn’t pass up the signed Pauley Shore I found in a dusty basement. Gave it to a friend and it hangs over his toilet.

  9. reminds me of the song “Pauly Shore saw my penis”

  10. I can safely say I did not know this existed. Thank you?

  11. Interesting that was an XL back in the day. That's maybe a medium these days.

  12. I have a collection of old basketball T-shirts and I can only fit into the XL… and I’m not that fat! They’re also often weirdly shaped in the arms

  13. This is a serious topic, so I acknowledge this is not cool.

  14. Great for the Jake, Josh and Tom’s of the world.

  15. Socks. Just take off your fucking socks. Everything else is off. But the fucking socks.

  16. My Russian Big Muff had both the nuts on input and output break. I guess they were plastic and I wasn’t careful enough.

  17. Do what I did. Write most of a bad novel, then give up and become an editor.

  18. That’s not a Dave matt matthews party crowd, and that’s not Zima , that’s a STP and Bush beer kinda party

  19. What???! You're bullshitting. For real? The US military wants you to not cheat?

  20. I nearly turned in a military officer who was sleeping with my wife (without permission) but he retired before I could. I absolutely looked into it.

  21. We enjoyed it too. Even with a grumpy 50-something boxing out my child so he could film it on his selfie stick. Hope he got a great shot!

  22. Glad that wasn’t me… I said whew as soon as you mentioned selfie stick lol

  23. yeah after I wrote it i thought "well... it COULD be?" but then i thought it's portland, we can always just start a band

  24. What? Portland musicians each have 4 projects going on, gtfo.

  25. I was joking. Everyone is in a band even people who aren’t in bands

  26. Algorithmic Social Media. MySpace was fine, no algorithm, no extremes. FB, Twitter, etc, the algorithm to show you more of what you like leads people into an echo chamber and causes polarization of people's views, helping dehumanize each other.

  27. Came here to say this. It’s the one thing here truly breaking America finally. Well, and the Boomers.

  28. Yes. I did everything you’re supposed to do. I was destined to be an exceptional editor. I didn’t have the writing skill. I was happier once I realized that.

  29. I’m kind of amazed this many people are so adamantly opposed.

  30. My 10th grade English class read Ethan Frome and watched the movie. We made a remix of the movie’s sled scene set to Marilyn Manson’s Dope Show. I don’t know why, but it worked.

  31. I had to read Ethan Frome in ninth grade. Man did I hate that book. Maybe I wouldn’t now but I ain’t trying again.

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