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With Roe v Wade overturned, as men how do you feel?

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  1. Let the heathen spill theirs on the dusty ground

  2. This guy had a few simple things to ensure his place in history as the best. Codify Roe vs Wade, erase student debt. He literally could’ve done that day #1 and done absolutely nothing the remainder of his Presidency and he’d still be ahead.

  3. He doesn't have a magic wand that makes laws appear on his desk to sign; Congress has to pass them. Go watch "I'm just a Bill" again

  4. Did he or did he not promise to do it? Did he specify how? My point is about him making promises he has no intention of honoring. Had he done these two things he promised to do, but didn’t, he’d be golden. I mean I understand it’s the internet and we’re more interested in zippy one line zingers, but critical thinking counts.

  5. Yup, go watch "I'm just a bill" - you don't seem to understand how our government works in the slightest.

  6. Democrats don't win because they wring their fucking hands and give us thoughts and prayers when the Republicans fight like hell to start a Christian theocracy. Democrat leadership could have codified roe during the Obama admin and they didn't. They could have done it this admin, but they can't even take all 49 yes votes and flip a single Democrat that votes with Republicans more than his own fucking party. That's why we're fucking losing this country. Trump won because Democrats fucking suck at messaging or getting anything passed that meaningfully improves our lives.

  7. Republicans didn't pass a bill against abortion in Congress when they had 52 Senators. They just...appointed justices.

  8. Fuck off. I'm not just finding reasons to attack Dems over Republicans. I'm holding our fucking party accountable for giving in to fucking FASCISTS. Go pound sand. It doesn't need to be a European party to ask for a little fucking party unity over human rights. It is inexcusable.

  9. That's good, but Senate already held a vote and it failed. In February and in May.

  10. As Californians we should be prepared for the refugees of women and LGBT coming from red states.

  11. If they can afford to move, they can afford a plane ticket - it will be more abortion tourism.

  12. Republicans do something bad, and your first thought is "ah, both sides are to blame"?

  13. The majority of the Court believes it’s not the place of the Court to make laws. It belongs with the people and their elected officials.

  14. Unless it involves the Voting Rights Act, despite that being expressly allowed in the 14th Amendment.

  15. Like I said, this ruling isn't the slide - it's other things. Refusing to impeach someone like Trump who abuses his office is the slide. Restricting voting rights is the slide. Etc.

  16. Even when Republicans do something terrible, people have to find a way to blame the Democrats for what Republicans do. Amazing.

  17. The Senate has suspended filibuster rules in the past. Harry Reid did it to advance non-Supreme Court judges to the Senate floor. McConnell then did it for Gorsuch. Why draw the line with judges when obviously abortion access has an even higher national impact? Because nether side really wants to solve this problem.

  18. 48 of the Dems tried to suspend the filibuster this year and two said no.

  19. Obama had a filibuster proof majority his first year. Would have been two if the Dems would have paid a lick of attention and not let the most liberal senate seat in the country which was held since Roe was first decided fall to the right in a special election. The public didnt give enough of a fuck to put the house in democratic hands since then for an entire decade.

  20. Kennedy had a stroke on his first day and he had some pro-life members of the caucus; there wasn't 60 votes.

  21. I’ll bet there are several thousand who aren’t, for the same reason.

  22. Hey, it aint easy getting into law school. Every bit helps.

  23. The roads are already there and homeowners who live right next to a freeway don't have much pull, because it sucks to live next to a freeway. And the roads area already heavily in use. So it is everyone using the road being told the road will be faster when we add another lane on each side vs the handful of homes / businesses that will get knocked down.

  24. That's my main issue with this project. Absolutely want the bullet train and a much larger train infrastructure. But there are a lotnof questionable Financials going on with this project. And no one is seriously looking into it or combating the issue.

  25. The next phase of construction is paused to look at that very issue.

  26. are people actually trying to reason this out?

  27. I have more questions; how did a pumpkin turn into a coach? Seems odd.

  28. While you were all focused on the slippers, I was stealing the chandelier

  29. No we haven't lol. In a couple months we'll forget and lose the midterms and in a year we'll be arguing about the legality of contraceptives as if it was business as usual and not goddamn insanity.

  30. Could you explain that a bit for me? I'm not super knowledgeable on all this. I've heard that the reasoning in the decision could also be applied to gay marriage, contraceptives, etc. Are you indicating that only Thomas wrote in such a way and the rest of the majority was more limited in scope? I'm sorry if I am completely misunderstanding at this point.

  31. Thomas said "I've always hated these other decisions and think they were wrong and they should be overturned as well." The other justices voting against Roe didn't say that; it's not clear what they truly think. But Thomas has been clear and loud about this (meaning his opinion is "the Constitution doesn't protect any of this. Any legislature can make a law banning gay marriage or contraception if they want; I see no issue with it."

  32. Your argument is total bullshit. First you imply women ONLY get abortions for health risk reasons, and not financial, which is a lie.

  33. You do realize how little support your position has, right? The "let dad's be deadbeats" bill is never going to pass in any legislature. Your best bet here is something that makes it super easy for women to get abortions or use contraception.

  34. We fought for the right to back out of an unwanted pregnancy. No, men don't carry the fetus. But men are still held legally responsible for the child that comes from it. Women can have an abortion, men just have to raise the child if she chooses not to. Either physically or by proxy via financials.

  35. If someone ever gets you pregnant, I support your right to have an abortion.

  36. not op, but none? Since he's about putting it up for adoption.

  37. Y’all realize it just goes back to the states to choose right ?

  38. People who think a right is fundamental don't think it should be the choice of someone else. If your right is being restricted by a government, you don't really care which level is doing the oppressing, you are upset that it is allowed to happen in the first place.

  39. I bet dead baby jokes are gunna be way too controversial now. Cant wait for all the abandoned kids, infanticide and hospital toilet babies.

  40. They kind of had their hands full in 2009, trying to keep Americans alive through a horrible economic crash and a collapsing healthcare system. The 2009/2010 period wasn't a magical time where Democrats could wave their wand and get anything they wanted. Part of the reason they were destroyed in the next election was people saying they were doing too much in a unilateral way too quickly.

  41. People will show up here and "both sides" anything. You are talking sense but won't change any minds.

  42. People are gross. And horny. They do gross, horny things.

  43. I’ve done mutual masturbation under coats etc on a very quiet night flight. Does that count?

  44. our DNA want to replicate. In almost all mammals, that means there are certain triggers that, when elicited, makes us want to seek out someone from the opposite sex and mate in order to pass on our genetic code through a child. So there's the generalized desire.

  45. It's cheaper to have bigger door tolerances. But that wouldn't matter if the expectation was to not have this. Instead, it became the standard practice because it was cheaper, and then people haven't upgraded expectations and so don't pay for extra.

  46. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much for commenting and leaving advice

  47. Provide sympathy and empathy (when someone is complaining, agree that the thing is bad - "oh, this sucks, I'm sorry this has happened. Things need to change."). Rather than explaining it to a woman and trying to signal your virtue to them. "This would never happen if I was in charge; let me explain to you the reasons why I think this thing is bad - even if you are already quite aware it is bad"

  48. They tried to use the provided parachutes only to discover they were given sacks filled with potatoes.

  49. They don't call it the Great Basin for nothing.

  50. Perpetual water rights are crazy. Back in the day you could show up at a river and get the rights to take as much as you want forever since there was nobody downstream challenging it. Then when people came into the area downstream they would get the rights to whatever is left from the next jabrony upstream. Wasn’t such a big deal 100 years ago since any random Bob Homesteaderly didn’t have the capability to just literally suck up an entire river on a large scale.

  51. I'd like to introduce you to William Mulholland...

  52. I know! It seems so long! The pain was different than anything I’ve felt before. I have appointments next month. I will ask about it.

  53. Your surgery should have 100% healed by now. So something is wrong. Maybe related to the surgery, maybe something else.

  54. Man, I had a female family member try to both sides me on this. What the fuck is wrong with people?

  55. She voted for Republicans and doesn't want to feel responsible so makes things up to try and make herself feel better

  56. It's gonna be a long, hard, slow crumble of individual rights. Watch, red states are going to become incredibly red. Democrats are going to want to move out and red states will become unsurvivable to dems. There will probably be a few high density democratic states, but a wide spread of Republicans. Then they will start to change voting laws and suddenly federal laws will be their new favorite thing once they have power.

  57. Which is why blue states very cleverly made it almost impossible to build new homes, forcing people to move to red states anyway in order to try and fight for change.

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