1. I'd get a doctor to see it again, when mine was red like this it was infected and spread a lot! A steroid and antibiotic cream worked wonders for it.

  2. I was waiting 3 months for the dermatologist , now I have a week left I hope he will help me. Did it come back after those creams?

  3. I had to do 2 rounds of the antibiotic steroid cream as the infection came back. Mine was so bad it ate the skin and cuticles on 3 of my fingers. I was also using The Ordinary Pycnogenol Serum and a kids eczema cream after the infection was gone, and I don't know if it was placebo but my hands cleared up and the skin and cuticles grew back. When they flared up I would use the steroid cream and now they rarely do, sometimes just a couple non-itchy spots. I can't remember the last time this happened, so there is hope!

  4. There's no such thing as a 'convincing application'. This isn't a college admissions process where a good essay will get you in and a bad essay won't.

  5. Yeah, I knew this deep down. I think I was worried because I said to look at my previous application for my lifetime overview of mental health etc for dates as I thought it would be more comprehensive than writing again. But then I was worried they wouldn't cross reference the applications and just discard this one. But it's done now! I'm using this desire to do another course to keep up my daily practice. Thanks for your reply!

  6. Hi, my 4 yo has similar marks on his legs. They look like bruises but become raised and hot. Did you find out what they were?

  7. was it just me that thought this season had a much lower budget? the green screens looked awful and a lot of the blood effects and viktor’s powers etc looked pretty bad. also , the episodes seemed to be shot in one of two locations, either the hotel or the sparrows/umbrellas house

  8. I thought the obvious effects were on purpose to make it look more like a comic book...

  9. Didn’t the show runner say something about how in life we don’t always have answers?

  10. The way I see it, the way this show is structured through generation after generation and the connections and lives of strangers, it could have hypothetically gone on forever...but how would you keep up that quality for that long and where would you end it when you eventually had to? Surely ending here is better than trailing off with lessening quality.

  11. Better Help is a great online option, you put in your main concerns and it will shown you a list of therapists with their bios etc. And if you don't gel well with the one you pick, you can just choose another. They also do a discount for low income.

  12. Mine looked like this when it was infected with staph. I try to avoid antibiotics but in this case an antibiotic cream saved my hand as the infection spread so much.

  13. So, at the beginning of the first lockdown my hand developed itchy dry eczema which stayed for 8 months and then it developed into dyshidrosis. It got to the point where I couldn't sleep because it was so painful and it would cycle through the blisters, insane itch, dry skin. I couldn't bend my fingers, it ate my cuticles and I had to wear gloves. It also got infected several times and spread. I was given steroid cream and antibiotic cream which worked second time round but the blisters would return. The last time it was infected destroyed most of the skin.

  14. You'd be surprised how many people first get it on their ring finger. Mine also started there.

  15. I'm a big believer in natural over antibiotic and I feel like I gave up too quickly. I was using a mix I found online against staph. including tea tree, lavender, frankincense, oregano oil, coconut oil and black seed oil. But it was irritating the hell out of my hand. Now after having a doctor's appointment and being prescribed a topical antibiotic (Fucidin) and a steroid (which online say not to use when you have a skin infection) I am just reminded that doctors generally don't have any in-depth knowledge of eczema. Thinking I should have just scaled back the essential oil mix but also aware that my hand was getting worse. Worried about antibiotic resistance now. How do you repopulate healthy skin bacteria?

  16. I'm registering with a doctor tomorrow as I've just moved and hoping to get tested! What's your experience been?

  17. I definitely feel you. It started on just a tiny patch on my left ring finger. Somehow it spread to my left palm. Then my thumbs. Then both of my palms. Then the fingers. It’s a nightmare. I’m on Dupixent now and they’ve gotten so much better. It’s almost like my normal hands. The skin has stretch marks bc of the steroids tho.

  18. Mine started similarly in-between my fingers then has started to spread to my palm under my ring finger. Now I can't uncurl 3 fingers from dryness and it looks like I have burn damage. Now my other hand has red itchy spots and blisters appearing, so frustrating. I'm glad Dupixent is working for you! Have you had any side effects?

  19. Mine is exactly the same as yours! It's currently just got pass the deathly dry stage where I couldn't uncurl my fingers without soaking them to

  20. Mine looks exactly like this. I was using steroid creams for 4 years but stopped recently as I realised they’re only thinning out my skin and making it come back worse. I went to a dermatologist and was given petroleum and paraffin based products (which imo, are horrible. How can something that is so flammable be good for your skin) anyway, I’m now using hemp cream and I think it’s starting to heal! Everyone is different, but I’ve tried every cream under the sun so maybe this will work for you too :)

  21. Hi thanks for your reply! That's what I'm worried about happening with steroids as well. I agree with the petroleum as well! After mine went from the blister stage to the deathly dry stage aloe vera has seemed to help. But now these red dots are spreading on my other hand and on the flip side of my original hand...I was using hemp before it got infected and it helped then but afterwards seemed to have lost its efficacy!

  22. Sorry, that sucks. Go see a dermatologist. Sounds like you had a good response to a steroid, so you'll probably get more if that. I developed a pretty severe case of atopic dermatitis on my hands many years ago. After several different treatments, it went away but came back as as dyshidrotic eczema. It's mostly on my fingers and moslves from hand to hand.

  23. Thanks for your reply! I'm worried if I start using steroids that whenever I stop it will just come back worse. Seems to be the case with lots of people in this group. Mine started as mild eczema for a few months after all the hand washing but then it suddenly turned into dyshidrotic in August probably due to stress.

  24. I'm not sure what cuticles are. My fingers were an infected, red (almost purple) weepy, crusty mess and they healed back to normal

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