1. nah what the fuck is kawakami and margaret doing losing to the allegations


  3. im sorry i know i dont know you in real life but you could not beat artemis the goddess of the hunt who was one of the most powerful gods in the greek pantheon

  4. i mean its not a 50/50 and she should be in "would be smoked by"

  5. How did you do it then? I mean play the minigame in pc. what are the steps?

  6. i opened it and it worked just fine. i know that you unlock some more listings on certain dates so maybe you just havent gotten to the date yet?

  7. so for this i decided to use persona q2 stats for their personas and ignore other gimmicks as that is the only game where they all appear as playable and the only one where they all have the new elements. i gave each one their starting and ultimate persona and i only took in account persona q2. the protagonists are losing their wild card ability just to make this easier. i am also getting rid of the third stage evolutions since p3 didnt have those. (im also getting rid of how long theyve been doing it because than sees has a huge advantage)

  8. date miley but have so much sex with midori oh my god so much sex

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