1. "Warum haben Sie eine Maske auf?"

  2. 😂😂😂😂 super Plan. Oder ich frag mal nach der Meinung zur Bielefeld-Debatte

  3. Klar, die Suchfunktion.. „Herr ToTheSea, was ist Ihre ausgeprägte Stärke?“ …. „Selbständig Probleme lösen“

  4. Was? Ist ja irre, ich glaube, das hier ist bisher mein Favorit. Danke fürs teilen

  5. Yes! Almost unusable for me except with fine and extra fine nibs. But so pretty!

  6. Man, mash a banana, add half a tsp baking cocoa and add the cottage cheese. I call it faux milk rice and it’s delicious

  7. I don’t know you, but your comment could have been written by my brother. I know he feels like this, and I don’t know how to help him. So I’m just going to say to you what I wish I could say to him.

  8. Is it possible that I’ve seen the picture on the left somewhere? I can’t put my finger on it

  9. Unhallowed kam 2003 heraus. Ich kaufte mir das Album, als es recht frisch auf dem Markt war. Das ist 19 Jahre her. 19 Jahre. Ich bin 35 heute, nicht weit von der 41.

  10. Alter, das Album habe ich mir damals auch gekauft. Bei Müller in der Medienabteilung mit 17. Das kann doch nicht sein, dass das schon so lange her ist!

  11. Doch, ich fürchte schon. Ich war ähnlich alt. Du weißt ja, das war zu Zeiten, in denen man bei Müller noch CDs kaufen konnte, wenn sie NICHT im Angebot waren.

  12. I think generally the Gazing Far inks are so solid. Especially Tuxedo is awesome! Also L‘Artisan Pastellier Botany Bay is beautiful.

  13. Does that read „wank“ at 09:00? 😂😂 Though, seriously, I really like your layout. Might switch my journaling up a bit and may take I Spuratomen from this - if allowed!

  14. Hey, I get the potential benefits, but that says walk. Hahaha!

  15. Right?! The less dry aspect was the first thing I thought about! Diamine's inks have never felt dry in any pen of mine <3

  16. That’s true, they’re never dry, sometimes even too wet (lookin at you, Writer‘s Blood). But I can only use Hisoku with my Jowo broad nib that’s been modified to have a flow hack. That said I’m really satisfied with it now - and Hisoku is one of my favorite inks now. I mean, that color and the shading and that halo!! <3

  17. I am SO so weak for halo effects...! My sample of it didn't show it too well, but well enough (and yes, that shadiiing) that I still find it hard not to buy a full bottle. Still... Herbin's "Vert de Gris" or Faber-Castell's "Deep Green Sea" are looking almost as tempting, it's just something about that colour...

  18. Yes, you need one! If you live in Germany by any chance I’d be glad to send you one. Also maybe you want to try Diamine Honey Burst, I find it has almost as strong of that effect, too. Love it. Seems like the lesser saturated inks do have a lot more shading and a higher chance of halos :-) I’ll look into my inks tomorrow, maybe I’ll have some more recommendations by then.

  19. Hmmmm Devils Backbone schon gesehen?

  20. Mind me asking, can I see it next to AmaIro and Momoji if you have both?

  21. Sorry, I don’t even have samples of those. I can maybe compare them to some other greens I have in my collection. Would that work for you?

  22. Mostly that ina-ho is such a unique color and many peoples favorite. And that there are some Iro inks that are quite similar, so why not eliminate one of those?

  23. Chapstick and a cleaner haircut, then you’re good to go, my handsome dude!

  24. I used to think it was an enormous soup dumpling, but apparently it’s supposed to be a coelacanth stomach

  25. Wait, really? Like, I’m not judging or anything, just genuinely curious (and probably naive, too…), but people really eat those? Not because it’s stomach, like I know even swim bladders get eaten. But isn’t this fish like super rare, old AF and almost already close to a mythical creature?

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