1. Shitty concert brings out shitty people.

  2. It's at least 45 mins into the movie, when Vader & Obi Wan meet. That's alot more than 5 secs.

  3. They are actually one of the more gentlest animals in the world.

  4. So the buttons on a elevator are just for show, I guess...

  5. Why are animals frequently in alot of these type of photos?

  6. Only a father would pay to see that face.

  7. The question nobody is asking... Why would you go anywhere barefoot?

  8. I think you mean. Who's got the worst body? All thee above.

  9. My co-workers loved me. Mainly cause I blew them all. But, they still loved me.

  10. You ain't OG unless you've had at least some of your build projects erased due to the new additions.

  11. I remember losing quite a few pallets when they added the foot prints into the game.

  12. Never tell your Bro you fucked his girl. Nah keep it to yourself.

  13. Never tell your girl, you fucked her bro.

  14. Ask me anything & I won't answer anything.

  15. 12"tongs, metal coat hanger, & a towel.

  16. It's just how gentle you make love to them. That's all that matters.

  17. The best way to find out, you'd have to taste them.

  18. You do know that pickled cucumbers are just pickles right?

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