Deeply distressed elementary school student being transported by bus following school shooting

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  1. The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been Jose Ramirez. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But Jose Ramirez has marked the time. This field, this game, is a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good, and that could be again. Oh people will come, Ray. People will most definitely come.

  2. Platform boosts content of most popular users - why does this shock anyone? Has nobody else worked in a business that is trying to make money? I'm no Musk fan and not even a Twitter user but I'd be miffed if they weren't doing this.

  3. Are you implying Twitter is a business trying to make money? I thought it was the bastion of "free speech". Making money and free speech don't really align...

  4. Yeah, thinking Twitter ever was intended to be or currently is a bastion of free speech was your first mistake. It's a social media platform catered to limited attention spans.

  5. I think that's a "feature" of some of the Fender cheap amps. My Champion 20 does it too. Even if the volume is already turned way down.

  6. I thought posting just to get upvotes was against the rules? Oh well, I agree, go Guards!

  7. I am really impressed with candidates that come a-knockin'. They may say I'm full of crap when they leave after me giving them an earful, but at least they stood there and listened and had to explain how they were going to do it. Just putting up a digital presence, telling us what they're "going to do", without any way of allowing us to ask "how" you are going to do it, doesn't do a thing for me. They all promise about the same thing, just different amounts for funding.

  8. At the Trop, it's the entire baseball field. At most of the other stadiums there is usually a big wall or fence.

  9. To play devil's advocate. The employees knew the renovations were coming. Between vacation pay, planning ahead, EI...

  10. Do McDonald's employees even get vacation pay? Isn't that usually reserved for full time employees, which I doubt there are that many who qualify?

  11. I don't know. I'd bet that the huge majority of their workers don't work enough hours to be considered "full time". At least that's the way I've seen most service employees treated.

  12. It's a pretty good idea, really. It just means they can pinch hit a Brennan or a Naylor or a Bell or an Arias for a catcher pretty much any time they want. This gets everyone playing.

  13. I just want to go on record with what is apparently an unpopular opinion: I greatly enjoy listening to Underwood and Manning. It seems that a large part of the fan base is split on which one they dislike more, and I'm not sure I understand why.

  14. I really like the team of Underwood, Manning, and Andre. My wife, who wasn't a baseball fan before we met, wonders why no other team has interesting, fun, announcers. She loves their banter...

  15. Likewise. It isn't flat and mechanical. I dunno but I enjoy it.

  16. I wonder why they are playing Gallagher so much. You think they're trying to make him prove he's a safe backup?

  17. Is it his "fans" or is it a few big "donations" from mother russia? He's just using political fundraising for money laundering...

  18. Hopefully it’s not as much of a pipe dream as you say because it’s happening and they’re already clearing ground for it. I would have hoped that they find a better plan than a med school but now that it’s happening I just have to hope it goes well

  19. It's probably the ratings. More palms get "government" money when you build things rather than just teach things. Building things are good for politics.

  20. What’s stopping them from setting something like this up right now? It’s an idea I’ve heard floated around for years now. The only thing I can think holding them back is that it would be a lot of work for gov employees with all the policy and structural systems that would need to be changed.

  21. I think they are with what they are calling primary care "homes". They just need to have the doctors buy into it. That's hard because as I understand it, doctors get paid per patient and nurses get paid per hour.

  22. Are you thinking maybe we can legalize it and solve the problems of financing our healthcare system like we did with cannabis, or would it be best to make all street drugs legal and just forget about healthcare and let everyone self medicate?

  23. But why would anybody pay $1800 for upper box season tickets, or even $24 for a single game if they did that? I get the idea but it's just so far out of line with their other pricing

  24. There are only so many tickets considered SRO. They can't sell the entire stadium out as SRO. Someone would pay $1800 for upper box season or $24 for a single game if that's where they want to sit. Otherwise, they can play the lottery...

  25. But your entire premise is that they do this but give you a seat. That's not standing room anymore. If you start selling an option with a seat at $4 a game, everybody will want the pass instead of ever buying single game tickets. And if your only choice is not going to a game or paying 6x what the guy next to you is paying, most people won't go

  26. Not from Summerside so I don’t have much useful to say about this, but are there any residents on here who can provide context on if they think this is needed or not?

  27. It would be nice. Sometimes when the gravel boats come in there is terrible traffic on Water. Most of the time it's manageable. Would be nice for the people east of Summerside to have an intermediate route straight to the shopping district without having to take the southern route on Waters downtown to Granville or taking MacEwen up to Ryan and over. I think it's good planning for the city to grow.

  28. This is the answer. 40/20 potential. Been reliable

  29. Plus, without the shift, you may be looking at .300+ average and an improvement in RBI.

  30. If I had my druthers, I'druther have my HD HomeRun for over the air with the 2 weeks or so that they were allowed to provide cable TV channels also through their device. That was the best of both worlds for one price.

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