1. https://custom.cablemod.com/kbc:dbe17d3e3529

  2. I have a TH80, mizu clones, silver knob, spray painted navy with white speckles

  3. I have a TH80 gmk mizu clones, silver knob, really nice spray paint job with white speckles

  4. Y'all have glorious panda switch merch, so maybe a keycap set would look cool- like with the orange and white and black

  5. My grandma lives in hawaii. We go there every few years. Literally anywhere was awesome. There was one beach that had like 30 ft waves, and there was another that we swam in with 3 foot waves that was really fun.

  6. Yesterday I went to a pool party of my brother's friend

  7. Would look nice on my Mizu set. I like Lemon sharks. Very tiny sharks

  8. I like GMK Mizu theme. I like dark navy blue and faded baby blue

  9. Super nice. They look like GMK Laser

  10. https://custom.cablemod.com/kbc:dbe17d3e3529

  11. My favourite part of my morning routine is to fall back asleep once i realize I woke up too early on a weekend

  12. I feel as though the the spring and the finger work against each other, but neither of them do realize, that both the finger and the switch are required, to complete an effective and whole down stroke.

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