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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

  1. Speaking for myself, I like it best when you make yourself utterly unavailable so I can torture myself with unrequited affections and create tonnes of art. That's my idea of a perfect relationship.

  2. Gee, thanks. And your need to shame me about it came from a healthy place? You and seven other people? I guess this is what popular virtue looks like.

  3. I clearly wasn't didn't go like that's toxic u should be ashamed of urself I just said my opinion u don't have to listen to it bro it's ur life

  4. OP is playing karma losing simulator please do not disturb

  5. Age helps. I accepted my weirdness, and I don't care if someone sees me as weird. If they don't like it they can suck an egg.

  6. Go out in nature and accept that u can't control what happened and just let it go and think as if they lost u not u lost them XD

  7. xrandr --output [insert display name here] --mode 1980x1080 And in ur xresources file if u don't have one make one put Xft.dpi: 96 make sure to check the wiki on dpi and using xrandr and there is also a tool called arandr that can help

  8. I just installed gnome on garuda and fedora 36 workstation and the scaling just is trash sigh

  9. The fans work fine the rendering doesn't fedora has the same issues as garuda so I stuck with garuda for how the gpu is detected I never paid attention 😅 I will check once I have my laptop and tell u

  10. Life gets easier (especially for INTJs) when you hardwire this into your brain:

  11. Mbti means nothing. It’s no different than learning you’re allergic to gluten but for you it makes you think you’re worth something apparently

  12. DAYUM I read the whole shit that was so funny but lol he argues like a real intj with facts and being annoying without making any sense you on the other hand troll a lot XD and sound like those kids I see in league of legends LOL real talk he is an intj u aren't 😂

  13. like attracts like. so what are we at. im guna guess 3 inches.

  14. Not my adobe XD I don't do any photo editing I was just stating a fact

  15. Focus on small goals if u look at 90 days from day 0 u literally never gonna quit

  16. Holy shit I didn’t know people on Reddit have voice’s.

  17. U could if u wanna be a 3d website developer check out three js

  18. I was going to say that. If you like 3D, you can make it interactive with ThreeJS, combining both worlds.

  19. What is that 😳™ Is bloat Use 🦗™ instead.

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